Winning Cocktails - 2018

Winning Cocktails - 2018 image 1

Winning Cocktails - 2018

Words by Eleni Nikoloulia (Difford's Guide Editor Greece)

The 10th global winner of Bacardi Legacy was Erik Van Beek from the Netherlands with his cocktail Cariño, who after many months of promoting his drink around the world and a flawless presentation on stage, managed to climb to the top of the competitors list.

The two runners up were James Irvine from Australia and Ana Alicia Herrera from Mexico with their cocktails Bocado and Devil Woman. If you want to mark the highlights, you may keep a note that 2018 was the 10th year of the Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition which means that everything was bigger, fancier and with more 'Latino' spirit than ever!

34 competitors, 6 days, 1 Global Winner: Bacardi Legacy 2018 was a Mexican Fiesta for some of the best bartenders in the world. We present all 34 cocktails of the 2018 global final below.

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Devil Woman image
Back to Basics Cocktail image
Séquito image
Magno Cocktail image
Mr Dogma image
Nostalgia image
Las Raices image
Pana Pana image
Poderoso image
Queen Street Cocktail image
1300 Millas image
Robin Cocktail image
Semilla image
Superhero image
Tales of Eight image
The Royal Legacy image
Theobroma image
La Familia No.2 image
L'Aristocrate image
Adelante image
Amandita image
Asere image
Back in Black image
Bocado image
Cariño image
Coki Beach image
El Imigrante image
El Lingüista image
Equilibrium image
Eternal Spirit image
Golden Eight image
Herencia image
Hug From Mary image
Wayfarer image