Winning Cocktails - 2014

The 2014 Bacardí Legacy final was held in Moscow, Russia were bartenders from 27 countries presented their Legacy cocktails. After two days of competition, the final eight emerged as: Fred Siggins (Australia), Graziella Nieto (UAE), Dinos Constantinides (Cyprus), Guy Jacobsen (New Zealand) Carson Xie (China), Manmohan Singh (India), Angelika Larkina (Estonia), Tom Walker (UK). They presented their Legacy drinks in the lavish Petrovsky Palace where Tom Walker took the title with his Maid in Cuba.

Under The Clouds image
Maid in Cuba image
Catalizador image
Guayaba Arabica image
Amalia (by Robert Kalvans) image
BACARDÍ Elements image
Cuban Bishop image
Rumpletini No. 2 image
Santiago Moment image
Sempiternal image
Soirée Cup image
Spring Revival image
The Globetrotter image
The Leaf Nose image
Under My Skin image
Ron de Olla image
Part of Me image
Original Connection image
Dream Catcher image
Empire of Dreams image
Guantanamera image
Columbo image
Kitai image
Buena Vida (by Gonzalo Cabado) image
Mr Masso image
Noble Daiquiri image
Nineteenth image