Winning Cocktails - 2015

Franck Dedieu of Redwood Bar in Lyon, France was announced global winner of the 2015 Bacardi Legacy competition with his cocktail, Le Latin. The competition as held in Sydney, Australia, with bartenders from 34 countries competing. The other seven to reach the grand final were: Jad Ballout (Lebanon), Faye Chen (China); Peter Chua (Singapore), Xaris Darras (Greece), Denzel Heath (South Africa), Karim Mehdi (Ireland) and Barney Toy (New Zealand).

Perfume Daiquiri image
El Mediterraneo image
Gold Fashioned image
The Optimist image
Belgium Avenue image
Bouteiller image
Blush image
Maestro Smash image
Orgullo image
Pepin Cocktail image
Meadow image
Ron-Con-Ton image
Sugar Man image
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The Lennox image
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Turning Leaves image
Victoria Indomable image
Le Latin image
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