Winning Cocktails - 2017

Winning Cocktails - 2017

Held in Berlin, Germany the 2017 Bacardí Legacy Global Final saw 38 bartenders present their Legacy cocktails in a competition which was live streamed across the world. Ran Van Ongevalle from Knokke Heist in Belgium emerged as the global winner with his Clarita cocktail. The two runners-up were Grace Tsai from Taiwan with her Apóstol cocktail, and Kentaro Satoh from Japan with his Mariel cocktail.

As in previous years we present all 38 recipes below (simply click cocktail image/name to view).

Let's Go Bananas image
Playa Fortuna image
Madame Lily image
Electric Avenue image
The Moment image
Sin Limites image
Chapeau image
The Rum Pickle image
Celebration (by Grzegorz Nowicki) image
Clarita image
Pilar image
Apóstol image
Curiosity image
Gonzo image
Out to Sea image
Big Fish image
Cuban Pete image
El Luchador image
Admiral's Salute image
Legend Reviver image
Mariel image
Look for the Silver Lining image
The Viento image
Tropical Lady image
Efe image
The Ocho Watchman image
Marshall image
Simple Punch image
It Was All A Dream image
Something Tasty image
Rain or Shine image
El Obsequio (The Gift) image
La Blanca image
Flight 1862 image
Memento image
Solaris image
Unión image
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