Dash Tume

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Dash Tume

Bartender at Quetzal, Toronto, Canada.

Driven by creativity, Dash takes pride in providing cocktails as a representation of his sense of hospitality. Dash started in the hospitality industry in 2013 working in the back-of-house team, and since then he has held many positions from prep cook to barista.

Since 2018, he properly moved into cocktails and bartending Dash has gained experience from many establishments throughout Toronto - ranging from classic to high-volume, and experimental cocktail bars using modern techniques. Dash now supports the development of cocktail menus and the beverage programme at Queztal, a restaurant featured in the 2022 Michelin Guide.

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Hometown Hero Challenge cocktail: The Percussionist

Glass Small wine
Garnish: Black trumpet mushroom gum leather
45ml (¾oz) Patrón Silver tequila
22.5ml (1½oz) Black trumpet mushroom gum syrup
22.5ml (¾oz) Lapsang souchong infused Amontillado sherry
1 pasilla chilli deseeded in the mortar
Inspiration: Black trumpet mushrooms are an ingredient from northern Ontario, Canada, available throughout late summer to autumn. Dash was introduced to this mushroom by a forager chef who he previously worked with. The timings of this challenge inspired him to choose black trumpet mushroom as his hero ingredient for the cocktail. He also wanted to include Toronto's culture into his cocktail, a city known for being the most diverse in the world, so he carefully chose ingredients that were brought by different cultures, showing how they all work harmoniously in The Percussionist cocktail. The name of his creation refers to a drum roll introduction of a hero and the excitement the drummer creates with the instrument.

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