Allan Suárez

Allan Suárez

Mexico City

Winning cocktail: Onofre
45ml Patrón Silver
10ml Patrón XO Café
5ml Menthe Pastille
20ml Homemade orgeat
35ml Honey and goat cheese cordial
1g Black chocolate with salt and pepper

Homemade orgeat: 50gr almond, 500ml almond milk, 250 gr sugar, 30ml vodka, saucepan then blend and strain honey and goat cheese cordial - 90ml raw honey, 200gr goat cheese, 90ml almond milk hand blended.

Chocolate garnish: 300gr chocolate, 5gr salt, 5gr pepper, 5gr orange zest. Water bath then refrigerated.

Method: Chill a Nick & Nora glass. Add orgeat, honey and goat cheese cordial, menthe pastille and tequila Patrón Silver to the shaker and shake, pour into a chilled glass and alongside the 10 ml of Patron XO, double-straining and creating the layers, garnish with a piece of dark chocolate.

Inspiration: The flavors evoke good memories and a variant of a classic Alexander and are traditional in Mexican cuisine. It is a tribute to my grandfather on my father's side, Don Onofre, a simple man that enjoyed coffee and tequila, who accompanied his meals with fresh cheese. When I think of a tequila cocktail I always think of the public for whom it is meant, if it will be to the liking of the diner, so I associate to the flavors that tequila drinkers enjoy to create the perfect cocktail for each patron, inspired by the memory and transmitting a little of myself with each drink.

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