Marcela Alvarez

Marcela Alvarez


Winning cocktail: Legendario
35ml Patrón Silver
60ml Mazamorra cordial + citric acid
1 drop Alquimico cacao bitter
Splash Cacao flower aroma

Mazamorra cordial+ citric acid:
In a plastic bag mix sweet corn and choclo corn with 500ml of Patron Silver, vacuum the bag. Put the bag in a water bath (bain-marie) for two hours. Then mix the product with 70 gr water-corn, 300ml Elegante Jerez Fino, 20gr citric acid and blend it. Vacuum all the liquid and then freeze it. Defrost after a couple of hours. Ready to use.

Method: Add all ingredients into a mixing glass with ice, cool and serve.

Inspiration: It's inspired by an important ingredient in Colombia: the corn. The story of how an ingredient transcended history to permeate itself in the identity of a culture. As the Colombian culture shares similarities with others, and at the same time they are different, always with something in common: the sharing. How to turn the everyday into extraordinary, and the stories into legends ... to turn a drink into something legendary that is shared for generations.

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