Tati Pertegato

Tati Pertegato

UAE & Lebanon

Winning cocktail: Open Arms
30ml Patrón Anejo
10ml Bitter mix (Campari & Dolin dry vermouth)
30ml Tomato water
30ml Watermelon shrub

Method: Pour all ingredients into a chilled mixing glass. Stir with ice and serve unto chilled glassware and garnish with tomato tulip and basil flower.

Garnish: Tomato coral tuile with basil flowers

Inspiration: Family. This is what Patrón makes me think about. The people working for Patrón treat each other like family and I bet that this is the key reason for this brand to be so successful. I know that, because, I left home almost 15 years ago to discover the world and bartending abroad, leaving my sister and parents behind. The only thing that supported me in all these years it's my family... far from home: my friends and the people at work. We take care of each other, we care about each other and we love each other. Like a family do. And I know that, if I'm successful it's because I have their constant support. So I decide to create a cocktail that celebrates diversity, history and love...

This is a drink that represents my history. In a time when kindness seems forgotten, I do believe that we need to remind ourselves who we are and what are the true important things in life and do not forget that we are all connected no matter how distant we are on the map. As a bartender I think it's my daily duty to make every guest feel at home and welcome everybody with open arms.

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