Tobias Lindner

Tobias Lindner

Germany / Austria / Switzerland

Winning cocktail: Chelamigo
50ml Patrón Silver
50ml Soda
25ml Lime juice
25ml Happy grapefruit sherbet
15ml Aquafaba
Pinch salsa powder

Method: Combine Patrón Silver, fresh lime juice, hoppy grapefruit sherbet and the aquafaba in a shaker tin. Fill with ice and shake for about 15 seconds. To create more texture and a fine foam remove the ice and dry-shake vigorously.

After that top the mixture in your shaker with the soda water, rotate the tin shortly and pour the drink into a frozen goblet. As a finisher grind a pinch of the homemade Salsa Powder on top of the cocktail.

Inspiration: This drink is an homage to real craftsmanship. Dedication to choose the very best raw materials. Passion to perfect every handle in your manufacturing process. Love to share your masterpiece. This Credo unites traditional German beer and Mexican tequila!

Inspired by a michelada, this drink combines hops and malt with citrus and spicy salsa powder, based on the powerful and floral taste of Patron Tequila silver. This is my way to give props to all the hard working brewers and distillers, jimadors and hophunters, coopers and glass blowers. Day by day they transform regional bounties of nature to wonderful and tasty specialities of Germany and Mexico!

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