Willy Park

Willy Park

Japan & South Korea

Winning cocktail: Be(e) Around
60ml Patrón Reposado
3 dash Chilli Tincture
45ml Cranberry & Hazelnut Cordial
10ml Medium Sherry
2.5ml Citron Agave
2.5ml Green Apple Vinegar
Garnish with lime peel

Chilli Tincture: 16g seedless chillies, 100g vodka, steeping for 1 week, then strain.

Cranberry & Hazelnut Cordial: 500g cranberry juice, 250g sugar, 160g hazelnuts, 6 tbsp cacao nibs, 10g tartaric acid, sous vide at 52℃ for 2 hrs.

Citron Agave: Agave 500g, 100g water, lime, 2g pink peppercorn, 3 kaffir lime leaves, 2g cardamom, sous vide at 52℃ for 2 hrs.

Method: Add all ingredients to mixing glass, stir and serve in a rocks glass.

Inspiration: The environmental ecosystem, recycling, and sustainable materials-these are the biggest issue makers, culture, and trend that we face today. There are 4 key elements that contribute towards maintaining the ecosystem. Those things are earth aka the land, water, wind, and sunlight. Without these 4 elements, the almighty Tequila known as Patron would not be here today.

In particular, Patrón Tequila is uniquely concerned about the ecosystem and continues to do things that concern sustainability. For example, after steaming Agave, the remains are used as fertilizer in the vast agave farm; and even when lime trees are being moved from here and there, it is said that it is completely replanted with all the roots intact. Hence, I too would like to continue that very spirit of Patrón and present you with my creation of a sustainable cocktail...

The name of my drink is Be(e) Around: the very bee that's the symbol of Patrón. Thus, it holds a dual, double-meaning which showcases the very best Tequila as known as Patrón - while embodying the wanderlust character of bartender Willy who travels around around the world. Salut!!

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