Yohanan Mikhailov

Yohanan Mikhailov


Winning cocktail: Cardinal St.Patrón
47gr Patrón Silver
19gr Marasca cherry liqueur
23gr Burned Mango syrup
29gr Lime filtered through milk
37gr Cava

Method: Stir, strain, and top with cava.

Inspiration What could make a cocktail perfect? In my opinion it would be definitely not it's taste (cause it's so subjective and a personalized thing. Even for one person what would be perfect at one sunny summer day, will not work for him on a freezing winter night). So, I try to think what could disappoint me about the cocktail the most. And understood, that there's no such a thing more disappointing then when you take a cocktail that you liked before at the same place one more time, and it's not the same. It's not as you remembered this cocktail.

And of course it would be immediately less tasty for you, because you wanted exactly that taste that you fell in love once before. What I always liked in Patrón, that it always was the same taste for me. Back in days in Russia, in Europe or here in Israel. The same well known high quality taste. So, I decided to make my perfect Patrón cocktail, that it would be as its base. Always the same well-known high-quality taste.

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