Zana Möhlmann

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Zana Möhlmann

Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

Born and raised in The Netherlands, Zana is half Surinamese (with Indian roots) and half Dutch, bringing together a blend of cultures that she keeps on enriching through travels and bartending.

A quirky and curious spirit, Zana's style is testament to her creativity and sense of freedom, and therefore central in expressing her approach to life. Style is also what inspired Zana to develop her cocktail for the Patrón Perfectionists.

White Noise cocktail, named after the background frequencies of sounds, reflects the personality of Zana and blends it with the essence of Patrón. Tropical and quirky, featuring fresh banana that elevates the green notes of Patrón Silver, Sherry to convey a bright acidity and honey to make it sweet and floral. This serve is designed to be also pre-batched and effortlessly enjoyed wherever, like a white noise.

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Winning cocktail: White Noise
50 ml Patrón Silver
50 ml Blackend banana water
10 ml Fino sherry
10 ml Honey water
1 dash saline solution (4:1)
Garnish: fresh sage leaf

Method: Blackend banana water (1:1):
Get fresh ripe/overripe bananas and lay them in the oven for 20-30 min on 150 degrees so the starches turn into sugar, take them out when they are completely mushy, soft and the pectine is dripping from the skins. The riper the bananas the faster/better it goes so keep an eye on the oven :).

Cut the bananas open and take the flesh out, the flesh has to be juicy and very soft for the best (and transparent) result.

Add equal parts of water to the yield of the banana flesh and mix it well together. (example: 500 grams banana flesh calls for 500 grams of water)

Strain the mixture through a sieve, you'll be left with the sweet and tropical banana water!
You are be able to store it in the freezer for up to 2 weeks to stay fresh.

(side note: If the juice doesn't comes out transparent but white (because of the starches), that means not all the starches are turned into sugar which is not a problem as long as it tastes sweet/exotic and not too 'green' but you will only get this with green/unripe bananas)

You can use the left over black banana skins to infuse into a spirit and ​use the left over banana flesh in your favorite banana bread recipe!

Honey water (3:1):
add 3 parts honey to 1 part water

Saline solution (4:1):
add 20g sea salt to 80g of water and whisk till dissolved.

Stir over cubed ice and serve in a highball over either cubes or a big block ice, garnish with a fresh sage leaf. If the leaf doesn't immediately stick to the glass you can add a drop of honey to use as 'glue' to stick it on the inside of the glass.

Fun Fact:
The drink is big batch friendly and stays tasty for up to 2/3 weeks, just mix everything in big quantities and store in a big bottle in the fridge to surprise your guests! :D