Enter for 2023
Enter for 2023

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Enter for 2023

Known for its diverse assortment of native fruits and spices, the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia is the natural home of Chairman's Reserve spiced rum. For 2023, Chairman's Reserve is once again challenging bartenders to create their own spiced rum using ingredients that embrace and reflect their own cultures and traditions in the Chairman's Reserve Spice Lab.

Infused with cinnamon, clove and nutmeg, Chairman's Reserve spiced rum launched their Chairman's Reserve Spice Lab 2020 competition, challenging bartenders to draw inspiration from their own cultures to create a recipe for their own, personalised spiced rum.

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How it works

The competition is organised into three rounds and open to bartenders from nine countries (United Kingdom, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Greece, United States, and Saint Lucia).

Preliminary round – Online registration and selection

Entrants are asked to submit a vision of their project, their inspiration, and intended spice blend as well as including a suggested serve, a plan on how they'll promote their product and their motivation for becoming the next ambassador of Chairman's Reserve Spiced Rum.

Judges will consider the concept only and an exact recipe is not required.

Enter at chairmansreserverum.com

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Second round – Creation and activation

Ten entrants from each participating country will be selected and then notified on 7th June 2023 and will receive a Chairman's Reserve spice kit containing the four mandatory spices they must use, a bottle of Chairman's Reserve Original Rum for their spiced rum base and an empty Chairman's Reserve bottle for their original recipe to go in. Each bartender must include up to four additional spices of their choice. It will then be sent off for judging. The creation phase will end on 31st July 2023 which allows two months for the bartenders to achieve their perfect recipe. This will also allow them time to promote their spiced rum in their local communities in the way they would like if it was being internationally produced. During the first weeks of August, a panel of international judges will choose 15 entrants to progress to the final phase.

No illegal ingredients are allowed. No other rum can be used as the base for your spiced rum, but higher-proof rums or spirits can be used in creating spice extracts.

Third Round – Tasting and Selection of winners

The finalists will be announced on 21st August 2023 and on 6th September 2023 they will compete in a live, virtual competition where they will present their rum to a panel of international judges. They will also have the public to present to as the competition will be open to public viewing. Finally, three bartenders will be picked as winners, one from Europe and the UK, one from the USA and one from Saint Lucia.

The prize

The three winners will have the opportunity to travel to Saint Lucia in the last week of October 2023 to meet and collaborate with each other as well as the Chairman's Reserve R&D team and Master Blender Deny Duplesssis to create a limited-edition Chairman's Reserve Spiced Rum.

Master Blender Deny Duplessis said: "I am very excited to develop the new edition of Chairman's Spice lab to be enjoyed globally with talented bartenders".

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