Angelica Baldan, Ca.Ri.Co Milano

Angelica Baldan, Ca.Ri.Co Milano

Angelica Baldan, 22 years old, is the bartender at Ca.Ri.Co. Her first step behind the bar was when she was 8 years old in her parents' place.

In Milano, before Ca.Ri.Co, Angelica worked at The Doping Club, one of the most stylish bars in the Navigli area. Ca.Ri.Co is a contemporaneous Casual Risto Cocktails Bar, one of the most interesting openings in Milano this year. A cocktail bar that delivers a tasting menu made with tapas and cocktail pairings with seasonal ingredients and with the goal to be zero waste.

De Merenda Italica

Created by Angelica Baldan, Ca.Ri.Co Milano, Milan

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40ml Italicus
20ml Bitter
50ml Acqua di Pomodoro Condita

The inspiration from the drink arrive from the place where I work in this moment. The vision of sharing is on the base of Ca.Ri.Co. All turn around our sharing table, where people drink and eat, the sharing in tis moment is sacrifice for the security so I chose to present a cocktails that can be serve or deliver in your house and be drink on sofa or kitchen or in the same time during a picnic, but where you can have all the Ca.Ri.Co Experience.

All serve inside an a exclusive picnic box where we find all the flower of Italy. Ever think turn around Italicus that is the base of Italian Aperitivo, than I mix this fantastic Rosolio di Bergamotto with Italian Aperitivo Bitter Campari and tomatoes water. For this water I use datterino tomates that have a taste between sour and sweet. The drink is garnish with a dry tomato chips and is pair with a traditional Giardiniera di verdure, for a true and full Aperitivo Experience.

What the judges thought:
"Angelica's enthusiasm and inspiration of the drink really fits with the idea of the aperitivo as an experience to share with the people around you, in the bar or home.
The combination of ingredients and the food component in the drink, makes her cocktail the perfect aperitivo."

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