Antonello Iacca, Ulivo

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Antonello Iacca, Ulivo

Antonello Iacca has been involved in the bar industry since he was a child in Puglia, the seaside city in the "Heel of the Boot" of Italy.

His family owned a bar, called Old Fashioned, where he and his younger brothers practically grew up running around in. Upon visiting New York on vacation, Antonello decided to change course and moved and has been working as the beverage director for a group of restaurants including Ulivo, Mercato and the newly opened Longo Bros in Hudson Yards.


Created by Antonello Iacca, Ulivo, NYC

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3cl Italicus
5cl London dry gin
2cl Lime juice
2cl Ginger marmalade

Shaken and served over ice in a rocks glass.

The idea of this drink came while I was having breakfast, as a good Italian guy I take a Cappuccino and a croissant marmalade every morning at the local cafe. As soon as I finished I, went to my bar to prepare the new menu, and I still had the taste of the cornetto marmalade, and while I was testing with italicus the taste of marmalade exploded together, so I started trying cocktails and ended up drunk but with a new drink at 11 am in the morning. We make the marmalade in-house as a salute to the local cafe.

What the judges thought:
"Antonello's drink reflects the simplicity of an aperitivo using ingredients available locally at the bar. Antonello's inspiration connects to typical Italian moments of the day, breakfast and aperitivo."