Gianluca Capilungo, Aqua Spirits

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Gianluca Capilungo, Aqua Spirits

Gianluca moved to London to pursue his career in hospitality. His family from Lecce in South Italy have always been an inspiration for working in the industry. His mother was a chef, when he was off from school, he started working with her to help with food preparation.

Eager to learn more he got a job at his uncle's Bar. Gianluca gained experience in all the different sectors of the business on a daily basis operation of the bakery, bar and catering.

In London, Gianluca has worked for Soho House as bars manager and is currently working for the Aqua restaurant group. He has managed large teams and multi-site.
Gianluca is excited to be bringing his secret family's recipes to London.


Created by Gianluca Capilungo, bars manager at Aqua Spirits, Aqua Nueva Aqua Kyoto, London

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30ml Italicus
15ml Canaima gin
10ml Organic Agave
25ml Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice
50ml Lager beer

Shaken / double strain / topped up. Rough cut lemon peel. Serve in white wine glass

I normally sit after work on our terrace in Regent Street sipping a beer or an Italicus cup taking notes of what guests have been drinking or have asked for during the service. I love thinking and creating drinks that will exceed my guest expectations. I love to see them smiling after the first surprising sip.

One night a few weeks ago I went through my notes and I started to draw a map with the different guest request, most popular classics sold and the best bottle served.

Then I started to think about how could I blend all these flavours together and bring them alive with personality.
Italicus bergamot liqueur plays an important role in the cocktail with the citrus, chamomile and gentian notes empowered by the grapefruit zesty oil and the sweetness from the organic agave topped up by the most loved drink in the UK, a Lager beer.

Olè is the perfect combination of the most loved flavours in England.

What the judges thought:
"Gianluca champions the aperitivo and local ingredients, adding his fresh and fizzy Italian personality to it with impeccable style and elegance. His drink marries together a typical British lager with sweet and citrus flavours. What else?"

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