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Follows the six bars in Paris Italicus recommends.

No Entry

Address: 20 Bis Rue de Douai
Facebook: @bigmammagroup
Art of Italicus 2020 bartender: Angelo Forte

Somewhere hidden inside Pink Mamma you can find no entry, a super cosy cocktail bar in which we infuse 3000l of alcohol in huge flowery demijohns.

The bartending team prepare mixes and shakes sexy creations in a suave ambiance
sneak a peak, look for the door tou will be surprised, if you want a hint: it's where the cold is that things can get hot.

Le Purdey

Address: 11 Rue Guisarde Paris
Instagram: @thepurdey
Facebook: @Purdey
Tel: +33 1 40 46 08 30
Art of Italicus 2020 bartender: Matteo Peneau

The Hoxton

Address: 32 Rue Du Sentier Paris
Facebook: @TheHoxtonHotel
Instagram: @thehoxtonhotel
Art of Italicus 2020 bartender: Thomas Aurelien

La Poudrière

Address: 41 Rue Servan Paris
Instagram: @la.poudriere
Art of Italicus 2020 bartender: Herve Luu

La Poudriere is a cosy cocktail bar in the middle of a popular neighbourhood of Paris, mixing diversity and Parisian music culture, the main theme of the bar is music and cocktail, crowd funding night with performers and artist from different origins.

Deux Point Zero

Address: 7 Rue Blondel Paris
Facebook: @deuxpointzerobar
Tel: +33 6 40 26 97 12
Art of Italicus 2020 bartender: Dennis Lacroix

Opened since 5 years Deux Point Zero is a neighbourhood bar on the main theme of comics and superheros, around culture pop, our clientele is mainly ingenieurs, comics amateur and computer science workers, our concept of cocktails and comic passion is quite unique on the Paris scene.

Le Calbar

Address: 82 Rue De Charenton Paris
Art of Italicus 2020 bartender: Thierry Malikian

Next to gare de lyon the Calbar is an original cocktail bar, with a quiet atmosphere, all the bartenders serves cocktail without pants, only shirt and bowtie and of course a men underwear, carefully elaborate, cocktails and ambiance are the golden rule, come as you are and enjoy yourself.

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