Margarita of the Year

Margarita Primavera

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By Jennifer Eguialis

Patrón Perfectionist winner 2019, Global Cruise Lines

Serve in a

Coupe glass


Baby's breath flowers and if available a lemongrass stalk

How to make:

Prepare coupe glass and make a horizontal crust of salt about 1 cm in width and half way around the rim. Ideally, if available, use lemongrass to wrap 1 cm of stem and finish with a knot. Place a small bunch of baby's-breath flowers (Gypsophila) into the knot or peg the bunch to the glass rim.

Shake ingredients and pour into the chilled coupe glass over a big ice cube.

Serve and enjoy.


I was sitting on the balcony enjoying the floral breeze when a pleasant message from Difford's and Patrón familia popped-up. It was the perfect margarita challenge invitation. The sublime atmosphere and the upcoming season inspired me to collect the best aromas and flavours of spring in a perfect liquid form and a simple shake brought a "Margarita Primavera".

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