Margarita of the Year

El Jefesito

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By Diego Gonzalez

Patrón Perfectionist winner 2017, Spain

Serve in a

Rocks glass


Passion fruit slice with black tea on top

How to make:

Muddle the jalapeños in the shaker, then add the rest of the ingredients to the shaker. Shake hard for about 10 seconds and strain into the glass using a sieve. Add two or three ice cubes and garnish.

60 ml Patrón Silver blanco tequila
50 ml Cold black tea
20 ml Yellow (Jaune) Chartreuse liqueur
25 ml Lime juice (freshly squeezed)
2 dash Orange bitters
50 ml Passion fruit purée
3 slice Jalapeno slice
1 pinch Salt


To make this cocktail I kind of base myself in some of the fantastic perceptions I get when I think of Mexico. Spicy food and citric drinks that when combined with the smoke of the lapsang black tea, makes this drink a masterpiece to be enjoyed anytime and any day of the year.

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