Licor 43 Bartenders and Baristas Challenge 2021

The fifth edition of Licor 43, the Spanish liqueur brand's annual Bartenders' & Baristas' Challenge. Each year, Licor 43 calls on cocktail and coffee professionals around the world to pair up to use their combined skills and creativity to create a Licor 43 and coffee cocktail. As in 2020, the 2021 challenge took a virtual format.

The 2021 challenge was open for entries from professional bartenders in Estonia, México, Netherlands, Spain, USA, UK, Brazil, Germany, and from European Bar School pupils (regardless of country). National rounds (plus the European Bartending School) produced one winner from each to go on to the global final. This allowed entrants to revise their recipes to then be evaluated by the judging panel.

Thalita Freire from Venda do Maninho in Brazil was crowned the winner, earning €3,000 to put towards a training course or professional equipment of her choice.

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The Winning Cocktails

Brazil – Tropicália
50ml Licor 43
25ml Catuaí Amarelo Coffee
20ml Strained pure passion fruit pulp
Garnishing: 1 Basil leaf

Cocktail Preparation:

  • Freeze the Cup with ice cubes and leave it
  • Open the pure passion fruit and remove the pulp and with help of a sieve separate the concentrated liquid from the seeds
  • Put all the ingredients on a shaker and shake without ice until it creates a little foam
  • Add the ice to the shaker and make a hard shake
  • Remove the ice from the glass
  • With the help of a Hawthorn and a strainer, pour the cocktail into a coupé glass and fill it
  • Garnish: Knock the basil leaf and aromatize the glass in circular movements. Decorate by putting it in the middle of the cocktail

Coffee Preparation:

  • Coffee used: Catuaí Amarelo Coffee
  • Method of extraction: French Press Method
  • Gr. Of dry coffee used: 20g
  • Gr. Of liquid produced: 100ml
  • Water temperature: 96ºC
  • Extraction time: 4 minutes
  • Amount of pours: 1 pour
  • EBS – Spanish Velvet

    45ml Cold brew coffee concentrate (1:8)
    45ml Licor 43
    30ml Wheat vodka
    15ml Maraschino liqueur
    100ml Coca-Cola
    Garnishing: Maraschino cherry

    Cocktail Preparation:

    • Brew cold brew coffee
    • Chill Coca Cola and a coupe glass
    • Prepare a shaker and pour the cold brew coffee, Licor 43, Vodka and Maraschino liqueur
    • Dry shake
    • Shake with ice and double strain
    • Top with Coca Cola
    • Garnish with Maraschino cherry and serve

    Coffee Preparation:

    • Coffee used: Kimbo Premium Blend
    • Method of extraction: Cold Brew
    • Gr. Of dry coffee used: 50g
    • Gr. Of liquid produced: 400ml
    • Water temperature: 4ºC
    • Extraction time: 24 hours
    • Amount of pours: 8,9

    USA – Good Morning Vietnam

    60ml Café du monde cold brew
    30ml Cognac
    30ml Condensed milk
    37ml Licor 43
    Crushed ice

    Cocktail Preparation:

    • Add cold brew to a collins glass
    • Add cognac to cold brew
    • Fill the glass with crushed ice
    • In a separate small pouring vessel combine Licor 43 and condensed milk. Stir thoroughly
    • Pour Licor 43/condensed into the Collins glass
    • Mixture slowly

    Coffee Preparation:

    • Coffee used: Café du Monde
    • Method of extraction: Cold Brew
    • Gr. Of dry coffee used: 60g
    • Gr. Of liquid produced: 450ml
    • Water temperature: Refrigerate
    • Extraction time: 24 hours

    Baut Oost, Netherlands - Pilé #2

    30ml Licor 43
    30 ml Pisco Acholado
    40g Double Espresso
    80ml Tonic Water
    1 pinch Kosher Salt
    1 Orange zest

    Cocktail Preparation:

    • Fill a chilled highball glass with ice.
    • Pour tonic water into iced glass.
    • Shake all ingredients with ice and strain over tonic water in glass.
    • Gently stir.
    • Garnish with trimmed orange zest twist.

    Coffee preparation:>

    • Coffee used: Badeta, 210 Celsius, 17%
      DTR, Honey Processing,
      Bourbon - Typica, Pacamara, El
      Salvador (La Palma,
      Chalatenango), Finca Pena
      Redonda, 1500-1550m.
    • Gr. of dry coffee used: 21g
    • Gr. of liquid produced: 40g
    • Extraction time: 11s
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