Hayman's Old Tom New Cocktail Competition

Words by Simon Difford

The Hayman family make their gins using recipes that date back over 160 years with the oldest being their Old Tom, a fuller-flavoured gin compared to London dry. Despite gin's resurgence, Old Tom gins appear in comparatively few contemporary cocktail recipes. Hayman's is on a quest to rectify this with their "Old Tom, New Cocktail" competition.

Your old tom cocktail recipe

The aim is to create contemporary classic old tom cocktails which can be made by both bartenders and home cocktail enthusiasts around the world, hence the ingredients must be easily available without the need to pre-combine ingredients. To ensure fairness to all I have produced an extensive list of commonplace ingredients and along with any of these, naturally, your cocktail must be based on at least 30ml (1oz) Hayman's Old Tom Gin.

Cocktails may be in the form of long or short drinks (not shots) and be a minimum of 90ml (3oz) liquid volume.

Cocktails based on less than seven ingredients are preferred, including fruit juices, syrups, drops or dashes. Solid garnishes are not considered ingredients. It is acceptable to additionally spray a citrus fruit zest over the drink if specified as a garnish.


The winner receives £1,000, an expenses paid trip to the Hayman's Distillery in London, England, as well as 3-night stay in a boutique hotel. The two runners-up will receive £500 each.


Please complete the short form on the Enter page. If you are already a Difford's Guide member, and you are logged in, then we already have your name and email. If you are new to Difford's Guide then you'll be asked for this additional information to become a member and upload your cocktail recipe.


1. The competition is open to professional bartenders worldwide.

2. Recipes entered must be the original creation of the competitor and if a competitor is thought to have plagiarised a known, existing cocktail they will be disqualified. [Please use Difford's Cocktail Finder to check for combinations of the same ingredients.]

3. Cocktails may be hand-stirred, hand-shaken, thrown or blended and served hot, straight-up, or over cubed, cracked or crushed

4. Garnishes must be edible but may be mounted on sticks, skewers, straws, forks or other such common bar accessories. Use of edible fruits, herbs, leaves and spices may include sprigs, peels, barks, fruit shells etc. Any flowers and petals used must be of an edible variety.

5. By entering this competition, competitors agree to assign the copyright of their recipe and drink name to Hayman's.

6. Drink names including rude, lurid, sexual words, or words associated with narcotics or motor vehicles are prohibited.

7. By entering this competition, competitors confirm they do not hold beliefs, nor have I expressed beliefs in public or private which contradict the stated values of the sponsoring brand.

8. The competition organisers reserve the right to have the final decision on any matter relating to the judging of the competition.

Key Dates

30th April 2023 – Competition closes
22nd May 2023 – 10 Finalists announced
26th June 2023 – Final judging at the Hayman's Distillery
27th June 2023 – Winner and runners-up announced


Giulia Cuccurullo - Head Bartender of London's Artesian Bar.
Sandrae Lawrence - one half of the couple who are jointly The Cocktail Lovers.
Eric Seed - Founder and Principal of Haus Alpenz he is known as "the 'Indiana Jones' of lost spirits."
Simon Difford - yours truly