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Recruitment Specialist

Recruitment Specialist image

Εταιρία: Alchemy Social Recruitment
Τοποθεσια: London United Kingdom
Συμβόλαιο: Full time

We are excited to have a number of opportunities for bartenders at Steak & Co Steakhouse London, the home of the famous Sizzling Steak Stone. We have a number of immediate start positions at the Gloucester Road Steak & Co in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the Charing Cross Steak & Co just off Leicester Square.

You must be naturally customer focused and pride yourself on exceeding customers expectations. On the restaurant floor you will be constantly assessing, anticipating and meeting customers' needs and responding quickly and with a smile. This requires practical knowledge of industry customer service standards.

Steak & Co is a fast paced steakhouse and as a bartender you will be expected to be efficient and adaptable in order to meet the needs of the customers and the restaurant. You will be able to direct others including bar backs and bussers to maximise the efficiency of the bar.

You will be provided with an excellent level of training on both our drinks menu and required skills in order to deliver high levels of customer service and achieve sales targets. You will be highly sociable and happy to work within a team environment.

Bartenders must perform physical activities in a variety of environmental conditions that require moderate strength including climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, and handling of materials. Must be able to stand for long periods of time and be able to carry trays filled with multiple dishes and drinks.

In Steak & Co all bartenders must communicate with co-workers and management in English however additional languages are beneficial to the position as this will elevate the level of customer service provided to Steak & Co & international customers.

All of our Steak & Co team are expected to be flexible and willing to work overtime when needed and assist the workload of others.

Use sales techniques to increase revenues from alcohol and full-service menu in the bar.
Prepare alcoholic beverages for guests and servers.
Serve food in the bar.
Control inventory for alcohol and bar supplies.
Maintain cleanliness and organisation of the bar.
Stock alcohol and bar supplies.
Improve bar menu and drink recipes.
Prepare drink garnishes.
Monitor guests for safe alcohol consumption and limit problems and liability.
Verify legal age requirements.
Complete bar orders and cash and credit card transactions.
Balance cash receipts at the end of each shift.
Run cash reports.
Hourly pay is £7.83 per hour plus excellent tips.

Job Type: Full-time

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