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Pint glass
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Pint glass



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POUR ale into glass, TOP with ginger ale.

23 γεμίστε το ποτήρι με Budweiser Budvar
απογεμίστε με Ginger ale

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Tastier than your average 'lager shandy'.

Οι ρίζες του:

This drink and its name originated in England and dates back to at least the late 19th century. The name comes from the London slang for a pint of beer, 'shant of gatter' (shanty being a public house, gatter meaning water). The ginger ale serves as a flavoursome way to water down the strength of the beer, thus the literal translation, 'pub water'.

In the first chapter of The History of Mr. Polly, H. G. Wells describes a shandygaff as being, "two pints of beer and two bottles of ginger beer foaming in a huge round-bellied jug." In London the beer is now usually diluted with lemonade and this drink is now simply known as a shandy. When ordering in a pub you are expected to call for 'lager shandy' or 'bitter shandy', the latter specifying the drink should be based on traditional real ale.

Today the term 'Shandygaff' is forgotten in London but popular in the Caribbean where this drink is made with beer and ginger ale or ginger beer.

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