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Patriota image


A minty mocha coffee rum espresso. Tasty.

Belafonte image


A Portuguese apéritif (Porto Tonico) influenced by a bittersweet Italian aperitivo.

Wimbledon Martini image

Wimbledon Martini

Takes some getting through the fine strainer, but when you do it's simply strawberries and cream with the faintest hint of alcohol. Wimbledon is all about

Grasshopper image


It's hard not to like this creamy, slightly sweet minty after-dinner treat.

Pink Squirrel image

Pink Squirrel

Light pink, sweet and creamy with subtle notes of chocolate, toasted almond and pomegranate.

Mariel image


A pleasing and interesting combination of flavours, but slightly on the sweet side and for some drinkers (us) lacks oomph.

Fizzy Peachtree image

Fizzy Peachtree

As the name suggests, sparkling peach with delicate lime notes. Light and refreshing.

Espresso Iced Coffee image

Espresso Iced Coffee

A milky iced coffee.

Blue Hawaiian image

Blue Hawaiian

A blue-rinsed Piña Colada.

Puccini image


The use of mandarine (tangerine) instead of orange makes the Puccini slightly sharper than a simple mimosa.

Ginger 43 image

Ginger 43

Low in alcohol, refreshing and slightly sweet.

Blanco 43 image

Blanco 43

If you like your cocktails low in alcohol, lightly sweet and creamy then this drink is for you.

Fuzzy Navel image

Fuzzy Navel

The fuzzy version of the rather better vodka-laced Hairy Navel. Why settle for a fuzzy navel when you can have a hairy one?

Blushing Mimosa image

Blushing Mimosa

A mix of fruit juice and champagne with a sweet pomegranate syrup surprise in the bottom of the glass.

Doctor Pepper image

Doctor Pepper

Beer adds hop bitterness to help balance the amaretto and cola.

Melancholy Baby image

Melancholy Baby

Sweet iced lurid green melon.

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