The Lost Shift

On-Lion Reservation by Jack Williams

The On-Lion Reservation created by Brighton-based bartender Jack Williams is a twist on a tropical classic, and one of Joseph Hall's next favourites in The Lost Shift initiative. Watch Joseph demonstrate how to mix this one up at home in the video above.

On-Lion Reservation

40ml Woodford Reserve
15ml Pineapple liqueur (we make our own, which has a lot of Falernum-like spices, but Giffard Jamaican Pineapple is also good, especially if you up the allspice dram)
10ml Manzanilla Sherry
25ml Lime juice
10ml Allspice dram
15ml Egg-white or a few dashes of foamer

By Jack Williams, Golden Pineapple, Brighton

Jack says, "For my drink showcasing Woodford Reserve, I have made an even more tropical play on the Tiki classic, A Lions Tail! It's called 'On-Lion Reservation' and is set to be the Golden Pineapple's June special for delivery & collection. This drink fits well with our sense of playful, re-imagined classic drinks which is something we love to do! The name is also a nod to our current changing relationship with our guests as being more internet based, with our online delivery service being our main offering at present."

Joseph says, "I had to include a tiki twist! Pineapple and allspice dram make an unexpectedly delicious combination with bourbon. Throw in some dry sherry, make it into a sour and chalk the whole thing up as a massive win."

On-Lion Reservation by Jack Williams image 1