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Our monthly listing of events, seminars and tastings which we consider of interest to discerning drinkers. Those events which are drinks industry specific or have days/periods that are industry specific are marked accordingly. Enjoy!

International - Old Fashioned Week

What: Held in cities around the world, Old Fashioned Week is a contemporary celebration of this classic cocktail.
When: 1st-10th November 2018
Where: Participating bars and restaurants internationally
More info: here and visit the Old Fashioned Cocktail week website

USA - Day of the Dead

What: The traditional parade through Mexico City attracts visitors from across the globe to celebrate. However, throughout Mexico, many celebrate in different ways. Some host parties in graveyards whilst others have intimate at home gatherings to commemorate their deceased loved ones, or, similar to the James Bond movie Spectre, many join large parades, celebrating by dancing and drinking.
When: 1st/2nd November 2018
Where: Participating bars and restaurants internationally
More info: Day of the Dead.

UK - The Champagne Show


What: Sample over 100 champagnes, alongside champagne cocktails and masterclasses, this event showcases champagne in all its glory.
When: 2nd November 2018
Where: London, UK
More info:

UK - Hot Scotch & Lemon Day

What: You can celebrate this day by making your very own - see our recipe below.
When: 6th November 2018
Where: Across the UK
More info: Hot Scotch & Lemon recipe

Greece - Athens Bar Show


What: The largest bar industry exhibition in Greece with industry expert led seminars
When: 7th-8th November 2018
Where: Technopolis, City of Athens, Greece
More info:

UK - The Craft Beer Experience

What: Promising to bring the best tastes from the UK and Europe to Edinburgh for a three day event and beers from over 20 breweries, alongside a programme of demonstrations and masterclasses.
When: 15th-17th November 2018
Where: Edinburgh, Scotland
More info:

UK - The Wine Garden of England Festival

What: The Wine Garden of England welcomes guests to a celebration of England's wine producers at Rochester Cathedral. In honour of Gundulf, the monk who championed this very celebration more than 1,000 years ago. The festival showcases England's finest vineyards and you'll be invited to sample delights from around the country, and have the opportunity to meet expert winemakers or attend talks and tutored tastings on the day.
When: 17th November 2018
Where: Rochester Cathedral, UK
More info:

International Poitín Day

What: A day in which to celebrate the Irish clear spirit.
When: 18th November 2018
Where: Globally
More info: A Poitín based cocktail

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