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Our monthly listing of events, seminars and tastings which we consider of interest to discerning drinkers. Those events which are drinks industry specific or have days/periods that are industry specific are marked accordingly. Enjoy!

UK - Birmingham Beer Week

What: Over a week of celebrations across the city, the full schedule of events will highlight Brum's beer scene. Events will be confirmed closer to the date!
When: 19-28th July 2019
Where: Birmingham, UK
More info: Find out more here.

China - Qingdao Beer Festival

What: Dubbed 'Asia's Oktoberfest', this month long celebration is filled with drinking beer and parties, plus carnival events, contests and parades.
When: 20th July - 26th August 2018
Where: Huangdao District, China
More info: Find out more here.

USA - Scotch Day

What: This celebratory day is the best excuse to enjoy a brilliant Scottish scotch, attend a scotch tasting session or throw a party in aid of the spirit.
When: 27th July 2019
Where: Nationwide, USA
More info: Try our Scotch Sour today.

UK - Black Tot Day

What: In 1970, the British Navy brought their rum rations (known as tot) to an end. In memory, we hold up a rum infused cocktail on this day.
When: 31st July 2019
Where: Globally - the more the merrier.
More info: Black Tot Day.

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