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Bacardi Legacy 2018 in words and pictures

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34 competitors, 6 days, 1 Global Winner: Bacardi Legacy 2018 was a Mexican Fiesta for some of the best bartenders in the world!

When thinking of Mexico City you mostly think of tequila, hacientas, sobreros and mariachi. But when it comes to 2018 you should also think of the Global Finals of one of the most prestigious cocktail competitions in the world, the Bacardi Legacy.

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As you already know, the new, 10th Global winner was Erik Van Beek from the Netherlands with his cocktail Cariño who after many months of promoting his drink around the world and a flawless presentation on stage, managed to climb to the top of the competitors list.

Difford's Guide was there, capturing this wonderful trip which consisted of seminars, presentations of the bartenders' promotional plans and of course cocktail presentations of their drinks.

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If you want to mark the highlights, you may keep a note that 2018 was the 10th year of the Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition which means that everything was bigger, fancier and with more 'Latino' spirit than ever!
The Grand Final was held in the historic Museo Numismatico Nacional which for one night was full of fresh flowers and pop up bars serving classic Bacardi cocktails and some of the most popular winning cocktails of the past.

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The night was marked by the announcement of our wonderful host and Global Brand Ambassador of the Bacardi Rums, Dickie Cullimore that this was the final year of Jose Sanchez Gavito, Maestro de Ron of Bacardi, as a judge at the global finals. This was one of the most memorable moments of the night as Dickie thanked Mr. Gavito for his lifetime work for Bacardi and gave him a Bacardi Legacy trophy which he kissed in front of the moved crowed of 400.

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The two runners up were James Irvine from Australia and Ana Alicia Herrera from Mexico with their cocktails Bocado and Devil Woman.

The competition ended with the famous, annual celebration party, in a beautiful terrace in the historic centre of Mexico City in a scenery full of Micheladas, daiquiris and of course live Lucha Libre battles!

View recipes from all 34 Bacardi Legacy 2018 finalists

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