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Nottingham City Guide

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The home of Raleigh bikes, the former centre of the world's lace making industry and famed, above all else, for those men in tights, Nottingham is known as the Queen of the Midlands.

The city has a history that stretches back practically to the dark ages and it's full of architectural gems, from its castle (a 17th-century mansion built on the site of a medieval fortress) to smaller, quaint streets in this former market town. Unfortunately, the blight of the '60s and '70s has left Nottingham with a plethora of ugly concrete buildings, office blocks and shopping centres too (what were they thinking?).

And what of its bars? Amid a host of cheap joints that cater to this university city's 40,000-odd students, you can find some decent cocktail bars. It's all nicely unpretentious, and happily, you can walk in-between all of the bars. Bizarrely, the city's eponymous football club, Nottingham Forest, has also spawned a number of top-end bars around the world bearing its name. Not many football teams can lay claim to inspiring a new generation of mixology: see One Night in... Milan.

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