What is the Hive Collective

Welcome to the Hive Collective, an initiative presented by Ketel One Vodka to encourage bartenders all over the world to think about how their cocktails can deliver a positive impact.

"Together, we can make a difference, and inspire each other to do better by nature, and better by each other, every single day."

With its beginnings at World Class 2018, where the global finalists were inspired by their local community and resources to create serves that showcased better ingredients and methods, now what started as the Better Drinking program evolved into the Hive Collective in 2019 when Ketel One Vodka opened up the program to 1000s more bartenders around the world.

Hive, while suggesting a home for bees is also the term used for "group think" - the notion of a large number of people sharing knowledge and opinions with each other. The Hive Collective is just that - a hub for inspirational community-led projects which are showcased to the wider world. We hope one inspiring story will lead to many others.

Are you making a positive impact in your community?

From raising awareness and encouraging change to making better environmental choices, Ketel One Vodka invites bartenders to share their community-led projects.