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April Fool's Day image
1st April

April Fool's Day

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month! Today is the day for hoaxes, when the world's newspapers sneak fake tales into their august pages and small

National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day image
2nd April

National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

April 2nd is officially National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day and if you're American you'll be well aware of this culinary delight – after all the average

Ice Cream Sundae's birthday image
3rd April

Ice Cream Sundae's birthday

A classic of the sticky-dessert genre, the Sundae was created on a Sunday on this day in 1892, when a drugstore owner and church treasurer in upstate New

International Carrot Day image
4th April

International Carrot Day

Carrots, the humble root vegetable, are more than just a crunchy snack. They are packed with essential nutrients, including beta-carotene, which the body

National Caramel Day image
5th April

National Caramel Day

The foodies' bible, Larousse Gastronomique, defines Caramel as Melted sugar that has been browned by heating. That doesn't portray how delicious caramel

It's new beer's eve image
6th April

It's new beer's eve

At midnight on this day in 1933, Prohibition began to ease away, as beer with a noticeable quantity of alcohol -- a whopping 3.2% -- became, as if by magic,

World Health Day image
7th April

World Health Day

In 1948, shortly after the World Health Organization (WHO) was established, it designated every 7th April from 1950 onwards as World Health Day, a time

Buddha's Birthday in Japan image
8th April

Buddha's Birthday in Japan

In most of Asia, Buddha's birthday, like Christmas, is a movable feast, depending which type of Buddhism and lunar calendar you follow – but the organised

Finnish Language Day image
9th April

Finnish Language Day

Hei! Tänään on Suomen kielen päivä, aika juhlistaa mahtavia kirjaimia J ja K, sekä lisätä pisteitä mahdollisimman monen vokaalin päälle. Or,

Bananas debuted this day image
10th April

Bananas debuted this day

The then exotic banana made its first appearance in the UK this day in 1633 when botanist and herbalist Thomas Johnson displayed a bunch in his shop on

World Parkinson's Day image
11th April

World Parkinson's Day

Parkinson's is the world's fastest-growing neurological condition and 1 in 37 people will be diagnosed in their lifetime. Anyone can get Parkinson's, young

Tatler's birthday image
12th April

Tatler's birthday

More than three hundred years ago today, the English publisher Richard Steele launched the first version of a society gossip and manners magazine that

It's James Bond's birthday image
13th April

It's James Bond's birthday

On this day in 1953, the first book by a one-time British intelligence officer named Ian Fleming rolled off the presses – and James Bond, one of the

Abraham Lincoln was shot on this day image
14th April

Abraham Lincoln was shot on this day

This day in 1865, an actor named John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln as he attended the theatre.

The band played on image
15th April

The band played on

Early this day in 1912, the RMS Titanic passenger liner sank beneath the sub-zero waters of the Atlantic and spiralled almost 4,000 metres (12,500 feet)

Charlie Chaplin's birthday image
16th April

Charlie Chaplin's birthday

One of film's first superstars, who made his name as the bowler-hatted, cane-wielding Tramp of the silent era, Charles Spencer Chaplin, Jr, was born in

International Kummel Day image
17th April

International Kummel Day

Henry Jeffrey of The Guardian and Master of Malt's blog proposed that kummel be dedicated a day of its own at an event with other drinks hacks, including

World Heritage Day image
18th April

World Heritage Day

More properly, the 'International Day for Monuments and Sites' but better known as 'World Heritage Day', the 18 April is a day to celebrate exceptional

Amaretto Day image
19th April

Amaretto Day

Who doesn't like the bittersweet almond and vanilla flavour of amaretto liqueur? It's delicious, indulgent and surely deserved of its own celebratory day.

Anniversary of the 1st film star's movie debut image
20th April

Anniversary of the 1st film star's movie debut

The Mary Pickford cocktail produces in one's soul the same effect as the provoking grace of its namesake, Ramón Gómez de la Serra wrote in his 1930 book

Happy birthday Your Majesty image
21st April

Happy birthday Your Majesty

Romulus and Remus, the legendary brothers who founded Rome, did not have the best start in life. Despite the fact that they were sons of the war god, Mars,

Earth Day image
22nd April

Earth Day

Earth Day is probably the biggest event in the green calendar. More than a billion people, in 190 countries, take part each year. Which is an impressive

St George's Day image
23rd April

St George's Day

Saint George is the patron saint of England and gives his name to the English flag, the Saint George's Cross, a red cross on a white background. (For readers

New York's Woolworth Building opened on this day image
24th April

New York's Woolworth Building opened on this day

Built in the neo-Gothic style, New York City's Woolworth Building is a striking landmark and when it was opened this day in 1913, the 60 storey building

ANZAC Day image
25th April


Since 1916, both Australia and New Zealand, not to mention some Pacific island nations, have commemorated today as Anzac (Australian and New Zealand Army

World Intellectual Property Day image
26th April

World Intellectual Property Day

Observed annually on this day, World Intellectual Property Day was established by the World Intellectual Property Organization in 2000 to raise awareness

King's Day image
27th April

King's Day

If you didn't know that orange was the national colour of the Netherlands, it wouldn't take you long to realise this on the 27th April (or the 26th April

It's iTunes birthday image
28th April

It's iTunes birthday

On this day in 2003, Apple launched its iTunes Store allowing users to purchase and download music. It was the first legal digital catalogue of music to

Thesaurus' birthday image
29th April

Thesaurus' birthday

A British physician named Peter Mark Roget signed off the preface to the first thesaurus of the modern era this day in 1852, his compendium of synonyms

Louisiana's birthday image
30th April

Louisiana's birthday

On this day in 1812, Louisiana became the 18th state of the United States, meaning that the Sazerac cocktail, is definitively not French but American.

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