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28 Μαρτιου

Elder Aviaton image

The First Seaplane Takes Off

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Elder Aviaton

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As Henri Fabre’s Hydravion lifted from the waters of a lagoon outside Marseilles on 28 March 1910, and flew almost 600 metres (over 650 yards) through the blue French sky, he knew he was making history.

His craft, Le Canard, a wood and canvas monoplane mounted on three floats, had become the first functional seaplane of all time. Fabre would go on to design floats for other seaplane pioneers, yet after World War I he returned to his first love - industrial engineering - with occasional dalliances with inventions. Henri lived to 101 years old, an age impressive in anyone, let alone an aviator from those pioneering days.

Toast him today with an Elder Aviator, an elderflower twist on the classic Aviation.

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