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Christopher Bostick

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Originally from Austin, Texas, Chris Bostick began his career behind the bar slinging cans of beer and margaritas over 15 years ago. He initially started in the industry in what he calls “the old fashioned way,” by washing dishes and bussing tables in high school, which led to prep work in the kitchen, day bar shifts on Sundays and the rest is history.

Chris has lived and worked in New York City, honing his craft at such establishments as Mirezi, Blue Water Grill, and Zocalo. After his stint in NYC, Chris moved back to Austin, where he took charge of the bar program at Fonda San Miguel. In 2007, Chris headed west to Los Angeles. While in Los Angeles, Chris was a very active member of the cocktail community and an integral part in re-establishing LA as legitimate destination for cocktails. Chris has worked at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and was the General Manager of The Varnish in downtown LA. In 2012, The Varnish was named Best American Cocktail Bar at Tales of the Cocktail and received multiple nominations for Best World Cocktail bar.

In 2009, Chris earned his Bar Ready status from the prestigious Beverage Alcohol Resource Five Day Seminar in New York City. He is also a proud member of The Tequila Interchange Project and cherishes any chance he gets to head down into Mexico. In addition to also being a consultant, helping out with brand development and special events across the country, he loves bringing joy to others and finds that making guests happy with genuine hospitality is an intensely personal experience that never gets old. When creating environments, Chris wants it done with passion, zero pretenses, and “one big ass smile.”

Currently Chris can be found back in Austin, TX as proprietor of Half Step, a cocktail and live music destination.

“Cherry Heering is the backbone of any Sling”

Chris' Singapore Sling

Glass: Sling
Garnish: Cherry & half orange wedge
Method: Shake first 5 ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass. Top with soda then float Cherry Heering on top of drink.

• 1½ oz Gin
• ½ oz Freshly squeezed lemon juice
• 1/4 oz Bénédictine
• 1/2 oz Simple syrup
• 1 fresh Egg white
• 1 oz Club soda
• ½ oz Cherry Heering

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