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The Brewery,
North Yorkshire, England
United Kingdom

Founded in 1827, T&R Theakston is a family owned brewery located in the Yorkshire Dales market town of Masham. The 19th century brewery is of a traditional ‘tower’ construction and brews traditional English ales.

Robert Theakston and John Wood founded the brewery in 1827 at The Black Bull pub and brewhouse in Masham with Theakston gaining sole ownership by 1832. In 1875 control passed to his son Thomas who built a new brewery on the Paradise Fields.

In 1919, Theakston acquired and subsequently closed Lightfoot Brewery, also in Masham. (In 1992, Paul Theakston (Managing Director of Theakston between 1968 and 1988, established his Black Sheep Brewery in the old Lightfoot Brewery premises, adjacent to the White Bear Hotel, one of Theakston's pubs.)

A 1974 takeover of a previously government owned brewery in Cumbria proved a financial drain on Theakston leading to its own 1984 takeover by Blackburn based brewer, Matthew Brown plc, which in turn was purchased by Scottish & Newcastle in 1987.

In 2004, the great-great grandsons of Robert Theakston (Simon, Nick, Tim and Edward Theakston) purchased Theakston from Scottish & Newcastle, returning the brewery to family ownership. Brewing subsequently returned to Masham in 2009.

A Visitor Centre is open to the public throughout the year with daily guided tours of the brewery.

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