Enmore Sugar Factory

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EHP was originally the mark used to identify rums from the distillery attached to the Enmore Sugar Factory, founded in the early 19th century by Edward Henry Potter.

The Enmore two-column wooden still was moved to the Diamond Distillery when the Enmore Distillery closed in 1993 after the Guyana Government privatised the countries sugar plantations and distilleries (1974-76), amalgamating them into the one large distillery.

Now housed at the Diamond Distillery, the Enmore is the world’s only surviving wooden column still and also the oldest operating Coffey still. It was built in 1880 using plans originally published by Coffey & Co. and is the exact same design as the first Coffey still. It is a Heath Robinson looking affair with bolted steel threaded struts running vertically and horizontally that literally clamp the columns together. The boiling (analyser) column has 25 copper plates inside, while the rectifying column contains 32 copper plates.

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