The Krombacher Brewery (Krombacher Brauerei)

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The Krombacher brewery was founded on 4 February 1803 by Johannes (John) Haas, the son of a tavern owner in Krombach and due to law specifying that beer could only be sold by restaurants having their own brewery and malt kiln, John established his brewery within in the family business.

The Krombacher Rock Spring at the foot of Grumberg which supplies water to the brewery and the nearby Breitenbach Dam was discovered in 1722. This soft, low mineral water key to the brewing of Krombacher. Originally was transported from the spring to the brewery by ox cart. Then in 1854, John agreed to pay 17 guilders a year to the church for a new water pipeline to run across church property. Between 1858 and 1879/82, the present brewery was built with two enormous caverns constructed as beer cellars.

In 1896, Hermann Haas sold the brewery for 360,000 marks to Otto Eberhardt who ran the brewery as a limited partnership called ‘Hasbrauerei Eberhardt and Co.’ until converting it into a corporation in 1905. Bernhard Schadeberg (the grandfather of current CEO Bernhard Schadeberg, assumed management of the company in October 1922. The company remains in the family ownership of Friedrich Schadeberg and his sister Barbara Lambrecht-Schadeberg, his son Bernhard Schadeberg and his daughter Petra Schadeberg-Hermann.

The brewery emblem on each bottle features the creek and Kindelsbergturm, local landmarks in Kreuztal, the town that is home to Krombacher.

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