Διεύθυνση: The Basement, London, SE1 2EL, United Kingdom
Τηλέφωνο: +44(0)20 7403 8293
Email: info@cecilslondon.com
Website: View bar's website
Ώρες λειτουργίας: Tues-Sat 5.30pm-late
Είσοδος: Ελεύθερη
Είδος: Speakeasy
Προτείνεται για: Cocktails, Fun/atmosphere
Εύρος τιμών: Λογικές τιμές
Φαγητό: Ορισμένα πιάτα
Ιδρύθηκε: 2014

Φωτογραφίες: diffordsguide.com

Review By Jane Ryan on 2014-03-04

This new speakeasy tucked away down a side street amongst London Bridge's railway arches has been the talk of the town. Accessed through an unmarked door like all good speakeasies, this one is made to look like old shipping boxes from the Orient. Past 6pm there's a door man, but if you're hoping to come as soon as the venue opens, it's more than a little difficult to locate.

Down the candlelit staircase is a cavernous space littered with tables and chairs, a small bar tucked into the corner and a raised platform taking centre stage. Deceptive cut-outs in the wall serve as windows, making you forget you're underground. The decor has subtle hints of its Victorian tea warehouse theme in addition to stylish oriental lanterns and decorations.

The menu has some small tasters as well as bigger boozy hits. We made our way through four drinks and three of them came well balanced and flavoursome, with an evident tea and gin theme emerging. Our rum-based drink however was tarnished by an acidic peach flavour which was undrinkable. We'll right that off as one mistake however and say the rest of the menu deserves merit.

With a fantastic atmosphere, live music events and the excuse to look incredibly chic on weekends, this bar is a welcome addition to the area.

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