Mews of Mayfair

Διεύθυνση: 10 Lancashire Court, New Bond Street, London, W1S 1EY, United Kingdom
Τηλέφωνο: +44(0)207 518 9388
Website: View bar's website
Ώρες λειτουργίας: Mon-Sun 12pm-11pm
Είσοδος: Ελεύθερη
Είδος: Cocktail bar
Εύρος τιμών: Λογικές τιμές
Φαγητό: Ορισμένα πιάτα

Review Words by Jane Ryan on 2014-03-19

Mews has been around for a while and it's incredibly popular in the summer with its outdoor seating in the cobbled courtyard. Inside the theme is cosy and dimly-lit with Queen Anne chairs and an antique chandelier.

Cocktails here are on the sweeter side, with plenty of fruity vodka-based drinks. However the spirit selection is good and there are hidden jems for the drinker who prefers their cocktails on the boozier side. Equally, bartenders are happy to make all the classics.

The atmosphere is buzzy, with a fair amount of the clientele made up of well-dressed women in groups laughing over bubble cocktails and dates trying to seclude themselves into the darker corners. A fun and lively bar with a decent drinks offering.

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