Cocktails Made Easy Jigger

Category: Bar equipment & barware

Sub Category: Bar tools

Height (mm): 113
Width (mm): 55
Max capacity (ml): 60
Capacity to brim (ml): 75
Glasswasher / dishwasher safe: yes
Graduated: yes
Product code: EASY201

Producer: Mitchell & Cooper

The “Easy Jigger” is a measure designed for use when making cocktails, primarily in the home but also by professional bartenders. It has a unique design and attributes not previously seen in such a measure :

• Graduated measure markings are raised and marked in red. Please be aware that rubbing is detrimental to the red ink, particularly after washing (hand or machine), so please leave to air-dry. Unlike other measures, thanks to these measure markings being raised, the jigger remains usable even when prolonged use/rubbing has worn away this ink.

• Dishwasher and glasswasher safe - indeed machine washing is preferable to handwashing (see "Cleaning" below).

• Measures from 1.25 ml (1/24 oz) to 60 ml (2 oz)

• Millilitre graduations: 1.25ml, 2.5ml, 5ml, 7.5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 25ml, 30ml, 40ml, 45ml, 50ml, 60ml

• Ounce graduations: 1/24oz, 1/12oz, 1/6oz, 1/4oz, 1/3oz, 1/2oz, 2/3oz, 3/4oz, 1oz, 1¼oz, 1½oz, 1¾oz, 2oz

• Designed to be comfortably handheld using 6 different grips (3 right-hand & 3 left-hand) or stable on a worktop

• Measures read from the inside so easy to read from above

• More graduated volume measures than other cocktail jiggers

• Holds a double measure of spirit with markings for 50ml, 60ml and 2oz

• Magnetic base so you can keep it somewhere safe. Beware, it will stick on your fridge door but the magnet may not be strong enough to withstand the door being slammed closed.

• Lugs on the base allow the jigger to rest on the side of a shaker or stirring glass so you don’t have to patiently hold it while viscous liquids such as honey slowly run out

• Steps built into the bottom to help accurately measure small quantities (1.25, 2.5 and 5ml)

• Made from special high-grade food-safe plastic that has a glass-like appearance. This is no 'bog-standard' plastic and this material guarantees greater accuracy and durability than a glass measure and due to translucence is easier to read than stainless-steel measures.

• Packaging is a single cleverly folded single piece of cardboard to avoid the use of glue and plastics

• Designed by Simon Difford and his friends at Mitchell & Cooper, established in 1879, this is one of the world’s old bar tool manufacturers and maker of Bonzer jiggers, their accuracy confirmed by an official UK government stamp.

• Unique registered design.

Cleaning your Easy Jigger

We advise rinsing under hot water between cocktails and washing more thoroughly, preferably in a dishwasher or glasswasher from time to time. The red markings on the jigger are delicate, particularly after washing so should not be dried with a cloth as rubbing is particularly damaging to the ink on the raised markings. Like your jeans, your Easy Jigger will look better for longer if washed with care.

UK & International shipping

Frustrated by technicalities, the Easy Jigger is currently available for shipping within the UK and E.U. countries only but we will be shipping our Easy Jigger and Difford's Guide Book to the USA and Canada soon.

We are striving to add other destinations and also procure international distributors. If you live outside the UK and would like to be kept informed on when it is available in your country please email us at


Q. Does parallax error affect accuracy?
A. Parallax error refers to the displacement caused in the apparent position of an object when viewed at an angle other than perpendicular to the object. And yes, this is something we had to allow for when calibrating our jigger. The way each person holds the jigger, or their position when using on a counter, will affect the angle they view from so vary the parallax effect. We judged what we consider an average angle when calibrating the Easy Jigger and the effect on its accuracy due to parallax error is minimal.

Wholesale quantities

For wholesale quantities please contact, the makers of Bonzer barware, directly.

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