Ten Drinks That Changed the World

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Category: Books

Sub Category: Cocktail Books

Author(s): Seki Lynch
Format: Hardback, 216 pages
ISBN: 9781851499007

Writer and bartender Seki Lynch explores celebrated spirits around the globe, from the likes of vodka and gin, to the lesser-known baijiu and shochu.

Lynch presents a charming guide to ten spirits, paired with forgotten tales and “excellent” cocktails. The three-page introduction touches upon the legacy of alcohol before delving into the main chunk of the book.

With ten chapters divided into Lynch’s elected spirit categories, not only does each feature three cocktail recipes but also three brand recommendations (speed rail, back bar and top shelf) and beautiful illustrations by artist Tom Maryniak.

Aligned with quotes from legendary drinkers including the famed Hemingway, Sylvia Plath and Samuel Johnson, Lynch has put together an informative yet engaging read.

There’s various nuggets uncovered thanks to his thorough research. Launching into baijiu, one of the highest selling spirits in the world, he details its production and rich heritage including the history of fermentation in China.

Moving through to cognac, Lynch pinpoints the spirit’s hardships and eventual resurgence. He then sheds some light on a heavy vodka-drinking Russian prince, pulque made by ancient Mayans for shamanic rituals and tales of famous absintheurs.

Beyond the historical facts, Ten Drinks That Changed the World reads as an enjoyable book on spirits. Filled with enlightening gems, appealing story-telling and clean-cut writing, Lynch delivers a delightful work any spirits enthusiast will love.

Ten Drinks That Changed the World is available on Amazon.

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