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Crème de framboise liqueur
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Lachlan's Antiscorbutic image

Lachlan's Antiscorbutic

With its delicate shade of pink from a splash of raspberry liqueur this cocktail is feistier than it appears with salty gherkin flavours combining brilliantly

Bourbon Blush image

Bourbon Blush

Fresh strawberry, raspberry liqueur and maple syrup combine brilliantly with bourbon in this cocktail.

Excuse My French image

Excuse My French

Raspberry flavours characterise this cognac sour which is served crusta-style.

Raspberry Frangipane Spritz image

Raspberry Frangipane Spritz

Just like the eponymously named dessert this slightly sweet spritz is flavoured with raspberry, almond, vanilla and coconut. Butterscotch liqueur adds

Russian Spring Punch image

Russian Spring Punch

Well-balanced, complex and refreshing.

Cobbled Raspberry image

Cobbled Raspberry

A simple 1990s Raspberry 'Martini' with a splash of wine.

Floradora image


This pink, gin-based drink is light and fruity with lime juice balancing sweet raspberry liqueur and lengthened with ginger ale. Some make this with raspberry

French Spring Punch image

French Spring Punch

Not as popular as the Russian Spring Punch but still a modern day London classic.

Mrs Robinson #1 image

Mrs Robinson #1

Rich raspberry fruit laced with bourbon.

Raspberry 'Martini' (by Dick Bradsell) image

Raspberry 'Martini' (by Dick Bradsell)

Rich raspberry flavour laced with gin.

Raspberry Collins image

Raspberry Collins

This fruity cocktail is a popular modern-day adaptation of the classic Collins see our Collins page..

Raspberry Daiquiri image

Raspberry Daiquiri

A crowd-pleasing, slightly sweet blended fruity Daiquiri.

Raspberry Lassi Cocktail image

Raspberry Lassi Cocktail

Rich creamy vanilla yoghurt with fresh raspberries and raspberry liqueur fortified with vodka.

Raspberry Mocha'tini image

Raspberry Mocha'tini

Sweet chocolate and raspberry tempered by dry coffee and vodka.

Raspberry Smoothie image

Raspberry Smoothie

This soft pink, creamy yoghurt drink is loaded with raspberry fruit and laced with vodka.

Sangria Cocktail image

Sangria Cocktail

Brandy-based and fruit laced - just like its namesake.

The Roffignac image

The Roffignac

This bright red, fruity drink is simple but tasty.

Babo Natale image

Babo Natale

Richly flavoured and on the sweet side. One to chase a hearty dinner.

Bat Bite image

Bat Bite

All too easy - light and fruity, lightly fortified with rum character.

Carol Channing image

Carol Channing

Fortified raspberry and champagne.