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Canadian icewine
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Dry Ice Martini image

Dry Ice Martini

Icewine has fabulously rich concentrated flavours due to being made using grapes frozen on the vine in Canada's harsh and early winters. Thanks to Icewine,

Ice 'T' Knee image

Ice 'T' Knee

Honeyed palate topped off with tannin and jasmine.

Iced Sake Martini image

Iced Sake Martini

Icewine adds interesting and wonderfully subtle honeyed notes to this Sake Martini.

Sodden Grape image

Sodden Grape

A 'sod' is a piece of turf. Here 'sodden' refers to the Bison grass, the flavour of which combines well with the grapes and icewine.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugni image

The Good, The Bad and the Ugni

Perhaps it’s the holier-than-thou Chartreuse that is playing the part of the bad guy in this tasty drink. The cognac (made with Ugni Blanc grapes) play

Ice Maiden image

Ice Maiden

A subtle Martini with the honeyed flavours of icewine melding with botanicals in the gin and balanced by the acidity of the white wine.

Icey Apple Martini image

Icey Apple Martini

Delicate with subtle flavours.

Ice White Cosmo image

Ice White Cosmo

Recognisably from the Cosmo family but wonderfully different.