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Amontillado sherry
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Bloody Mary (Difford's recipe) image

Bloody Mary (Difford's recipe)

A Bloody Mary Cocktail with a hint of bell pepper freshness and a touch of sherry.

Jerezana Cocktail image

Jerezana Cocktail

Pronounced 'Hera-Zana', this delicious stirred cocktail combines two sherries and two vermouths with faint vanilla richness balanced by pronounced orange

Raisin' Cane image

Raisin' Cane

Adapted from a recipe created by Myles Worrell at The Esquire Tavern in San Antonio, USA. Myles' original recipe called for 2oz Pineau des Charentes rouge,

Sheroni image


A Negroni riff created in October 2021 by yours truly at the Clocktower in Rye, England.

Toffee Negroni image

Toffee Negroni

There's no toffee in this Toffee Negroni in the same way there's no coffee in the Coffee Cocktail yet both drinks are aptly named and delicious.

Añogo image


Creamy but not sweet with tequila character shining through. (Añogo is Spanish for 'yearn'.)

Clarita image


Dry (at least with the amontillado sherry) we used, Clarita could be enjoyed as an aperitif or digestive.

Dunlop Cocktail image

Dunlop Cocktail

A punchy dry aperitivo – sherry-influenced rum with a dash of bitters.

Dunmore Cobbler image

Dunmore Cobbler

Blended scotch and sherry underpin this tangy fruit cobbler.

Explorer 'Martini' image

Explorer 'Martini'

The choice of sherry greatly impacts the Explorer. Made with cream sherry, as per the original recipe, brings out the rich marzipan notes in the amaretto

Flor de Jerez image

Flor de Jerez

A rum-laced, sherry sour with a balancing splash of rich apricot liqueur.

Glee Club Cocktail image

Glee Club Cocktail

Raspberry notes hit your palate first, followed by Chartreuse influenced sherry. Fruity yet spirit-forward and complex.

Gonzo image


Tall and refreshing with a delicate balance between tonic's quinine bitterness and maraschino's sweetness.

Hardy Grunter image

Hardy Grunter

Medium-dry sherry lightly sweetened and aromatised with sweet vermouth and maraschino liqueur. If you prefer a tad drier, then sub 15ml / ½oz of amontillado

Honeymentum image


Honeyed gin with vinous sherry, minty freshness and delicate apple fruit.

Mediterranean Margarita image

Mediterranean Margarita

Recipe supplied by Patrón, who say, “Citrus and spice shines bright in the Mediterranean Margarita, made for the sights and sounds of Spain. From Yanaida

Moon Cocktail image

Moon Cocktail

Gin and sherry combine harmoniously in this stirred boozy cocktail with a honeyed touch of jammy peach.

Old Barrel image

Old Barrel

Rye whiskey spice, herbal liqueur complexity and vinous sherry sit alongside each other in a harmonious trinity with dashes of aromatic bitters and lemon

Pink Mist image

Pink Mist

Softy bittersweet aperitif with zesty bergamot.

Pizzicato Passage image

Pizzicato Passage

Honeyed bittersweetness with bitter chocolate and delicate enlivening chili heat. A tasty and enlivening after-dinner digestivo.