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Grand Marnier or other cognac orange liqueur
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Orange Brulée image

Orange Brulée

A great-looking creamy topped after-dinner cocktail.

Palo Negro image

Palo Negro

Tequila, rum, sherry and orange liqueur combine harmoniously in this complex spirit-led, after dinner/late night sipper.

Satan's Whiskers (Straight) image

Satan's Whiskers (Straight)

Dry and citrusy with underlying piney gin and herbal complexity.

Sunray image


Citrusy, bourbon-laced and gently bittersweet with fresh zippy rich orange.

Apples to Oranges Cocktail image

Apples to Oranges Cocktail

Apple and orange laced with bourbon, harmonized by dry vermouth. Spirit-forward and eminently sippable.

Aventura image


Mezcal infused raspberry fruit with lemon, orange and lime citrus aromatised with delicate rich elderflower.

Bijou Cocktail (inspired by Lawlor's 1895 recipe) image

Bijou Cocktail (inspired by Lawlor's 1895 recipe)

A boozy sipper of a cocktail that's medium dry with honeyed richness. Gin-based with zesty orange freshness and sweet vermouth adding deep herbal complexity.

Burnt Fuselage image

Burnt Fuselage

Cognac and Grand Marnier are well-suited bedfellows in this spirit forward stiff steadier. Dry vermouth combines with these surprisingly well. Adding balance

Byculla image


Claret-cum-mulled wine, but hold out for the warming ginger finish.

Cactus Banger image

Cactus Banger

A bangin, golden, sunny-looking and sunny-tasting cocktail.

Day Bell image

Day Bell

Deliciously bittersweet with zesty orange and enlivened by sparkling wine. If you like Negronis then you should try this aperitivo.

Dulchin image


This dry, amber coloured, fruity cocktail carries a pisco punch.

English Channel image

English Channel

The earl grey tannins balance the spice and orange in the liqueurs to make a harmonious aperitif.

Grand Cosmopolitan image

Grand Cosmopolitan

The rich flavours of the orange liqueur shine through in what is indeed a grand Cosmopolitan.

Grand Sidecar image

Grand Sidecar

A riff on the classic Sidecar that's even simpler to make but equally tasty. Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge consists of 51% cognac so there is no need to

Grand Slam No.2 image

Grand Slam No.2

Rum-laced zesty citrus with an appealing hint of subtle cognac richness.

Grand White Lady image

Grand White Lady

Rich gin-laced Grand Marnier and tart sour lemon juice nestle harmoniously under a fluffy head.

Grande Champagne Cosmo image

Grande Champagne Cosmo

'Grande Champagne' refers to the top cru of the Cognac region: this brandy-based cocktail is suitably elite.

Landing Gear image

Landing Gear

Spiritous and richly fruity with orange and cherry combining harmoniously with cognac.

Larchmont image


I share Embury's appreciation of this fine, delicate Orange Daiquiri. However, we've tweaked his formulation as we found the original somewhat rich and