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Orange flavoured vodka
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Mandarintini image


This bittersweet palate cleanser looks like pink grapefruit juice.

Orange Mojito image

Orange Mojito

Mint and orange combine to make a wonderfully fresh drink.

The Quad image

The Quad

Four different, orange-flavoured ingredients combine in this complex bittersweet citrusy cocktail.

Chocolate Orange Espresso Martini image

Chocolate Orange Espresso Martini

As the name suggests, an orange and chocolate flavoured Vodka Espresso.

Creamsicle image


A creamy orange number that's surprisingly pleasant.

Creamy Creamsicle image

Creamy Creamsicle

Ultra smooth and creamy. Dessert, anyone?

M.G.F. image


Short and sharp.

Satsuma Cocktail image

Satsuma Cocktail

Tastes like its namesake - hard to believe the recipe comprises almost half apple juice.

The Windsor Rose image

The Windsor Rose

An orange vodka and rosewater Cosmo.

Hemingway Martini image

Hemingway Martini

A fresh and refreshing orange and vanilla influenced Vodkatini.

Orange Negroni image

Orange Negroni

Orange and bitter liqueur combine well, especially when supported by sweet vermouth.

Oranjey Cocktail image

Oranjey Cocktail

Dry, and yes, very orangey with bittersweet orange complexity.

Uptown image


Zest citrus with hints of honeyed almond, enlivened with a splash of dry sparkling wine.

Orange Crush image

Orange Crush

A Screwdriver for a hot summer's afternoon.

Chill-Out Cocktail image

Chill-Out Cocktail

Smooth, creamy sweet orange and surprisingly strong.

Jaffa 'Martini' image

Jaffa 'Martini'

Sweet, dessert-style cocktail.

Oranjiniha image


A tall, richly flavoured orange drink.

The Suzy Wong image

The Suzy Wong

Fresh tasting orange with a hint of basil.

Urban Oasis image

Urban Oasis

Alcoholic orange and raspberry sherbet - how bad is that? A crowd pleasing drink.

Cordless Screwdriver image

Cordless Screwdriver

A slammer style drink for those looking for a fruity alternative to tequila.

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