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Kummel liqueur
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Mezcal Dante image

Mezcal Dante

An April 2022 riff on Dan Garnell's 2018 The Dante created thanks to a comment by Mathew French on our The Dante page.

The Dante image

The Dante

Citrusy fresh and herbaceous, particularly caraway from the Kummel, with tequila providing the backbone.

The Prelude image

The Prelude

With its delicate but assertive caraway-led herbal undertones, this a delicious Martini-style cocktail.

Walter's Waltz image

Walter's Waltz

Medium-dry, herbal, fruity, refreshing and delightfully different. Best served as an aperitivo.

Clear As Rain image

Clear As Rain

Tequila, kummel and cacao – a trio of powerful flavours diluted and made into a delicate cocktail by birch water.

Crystal Clear image

Crystal Clear

Subtly citrusy and piney with delicate caraway. Clearly refined.

High Kick image

High Kick

Plenty of dilution is key to this caraway and Scotch dominated cocktail that is sure to appeal to Kummel fanciers.

Kingston image


Caraway (Kummel) and pimento spice (Allspice Dram) shine in this well-aged rum sour.

Silver Bullet image

Silver Bullet

If you like Aviations then this caraway influenced sour may appeal. It's powerfully flavoured so also consider serving in an old-fashioned over ice to

The Herbalist image

The Herbalist

Kummel's herbal caraway flavours and botanical gin notes form the backbone of this citrusy celery cocktail.

Vodka Silver Bullet image

Vodka Silver Bullet

Perhaps best described as a Kümmel Martini with kümmel liqueur's strong caraway flavours fortified with vodka, freshened and made more complex by the

Weekly Special image

Weekly Special

Not far removed from an Aviation. Depending on your grapefruit juice, this particular Special may be very slightly on the sweet side but it's fantastically

After Hours image

After Hours

Martini-like but with delicate liqueur richness. Lightly spicy and faintly nutty.

Bearskin Martini image

Bearskin Martini

A caraway influenced Martini.

Berlin Sour image

Berlin Sour

The sweet powerful flavours of kummel and maraschino liqueurs are tamed and harnessed in this sour.

Charentes image


Kummel's caraway flavours heavily influence this unusual cognac-based cocktail with Pineau des Charentes and lemon juice.

Martiki image


Dry and Martini-like. Assertive kümmel flavours pervade a punchy mix of rum and coconut water.

Salvatore Legacy image

Salvatore Legacy

Kümmel's bold caraway, cumin and fennel flavours predominate in this cognac-based after-dinner digestive cocktail.

The Currier image

The Currier

A wonderfully cleansing after-dinner cocktail with bourbon and lime plus hints of caraway and fennel courtesy of Kümmel.

Tovarich image


Vodka-laced, delightfully clean and cleansing with kummel's distinctive rich caraway and cumin flavour combining well with lime.