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Christmas Daiquiri image

Christmas Daiquiri

Fruit,y rum-laced, cleansing citrus with delicate Christmassy spice.

Manhattan (Sweet) image

Manhattan (Sweet)

I must confess to preferring my Manhattans served Sweet, or Perfect at a push. The Manhattan is complex, challenging and moreish. Best of all, it's available

The Prospector image

The Prospector

Three ingredients combine brilliantly in this deliciously simple cocktail.

Aventura image


Mezcal infused raspberry fruit with lemon, orange and lime citrus aromatised with delicate rich elderflower.

Banana Daiquiri (shaken) image

Banana Daiquiri (shaken)

Perhaps better named a Sour Banoffee Daiquiri – what's not to like?

Billionaire image


Why have a Millionaire when you can stretch to a Billionaire? A suitably luxuriant whiskey sour with absinthe, aromatic bitters and mint.

Blue Lady image

Blue Lady

Vivid blue with a pale blue head, this is a striking cocktail. It also packs a whopping 45ml (1½oz) of blue curaçao but is far from being a disco drink.

Brandy Manhattan image

Brandy Manhattan

Cognac is sweeter than the rye whiskey (or even bourbon) on which the Manhattan is classically based. Cognac is also usually slightly lower in alcohol,

Burning Bright image

Burning Bright

There are hints of Hemingway Daiquiri to this multi-layered bittersweet and sweet 'n' sour aperitivo.

Cardamom Daiquiri image

Cardamom Daiquiri

A charcoal-filtered light rum works best as more full-bodied rums simply don't sit well with the cardamon. Hit the right balance with the right rum and

Chiclet Daiquiri image

Chiclet Daiquiri

A wonderfully refreshing drink on a summer's day with surprisingly subtle flavours.

Chocolate Orange Espresso Martini image

Chocolate Orange Espresso Martini

As the name suggests, an orange and chocolate flavoured Vodka Espresso.

Christmas Cosmopolitan image

Christmas Cosmopolitan

Just as the name suggests, a Cosmo with a hint of mellow warming spice.

Damn-the Weather image

Damn-the Weather

Gin and herbal vermouth with zippy zesty orange. My previous recipe comprised 30ml (1oz) gin, 15ml (½oz) orange curaçao, 30ml (1oz) rosso (sweet) vermouth,

Emerald Manhattan image

Emerald Manhattan

An Irish whiskey-based Sweet Manhattan flavoured with a splash of minty emerald-coloured liqueur and peppermint bitters.

Espresso Rumtini image

Espresso Rumtini

Naturally, this also works well with well-aged rums, but I prefer the cleaner bite of a rum with a mere three years or so age in this delicious cocktail.

Fall From The Tree image

Fall From The Tree

An autumnal apple and delicately cinnamon-spiced sour.

It's All Greek To Me image

It's All Greek To Me

A fresh and refreshing aperitivo or digestivo with vinous tsipouro, distinctive mastiha notes, and zesty lemon.

Millionaire image


Delicately sweet with whiskey-laced, rich zesty citrus, sweet berry fruit and a hint of aniseed which is smoothed and rounded by egg white.

Opal image


Fresh, fragrant flavours of zesty orange and gin with a subtle floral note.