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Libbey Speakeasy Martini 5.75oz
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Aged Grappa Espresso Martini image

Aged Grappa Espresso Martini

You've almost certainly enjoyed the modern classic that is the Espresso Martini but switch the base spirit from vodka to aged grappa and you've an even

Ad Astra image

Ad Astra

Ad Astra is a Latin phrase meaning to the stars, an apt name for this spirituous and complex riff on a classic Aviation.

Double Black image

Double Black

Dark bitter chocolate and rich espresso with delicate spice.

Explorer 'Martini' image

Explorer 'Martini'

The choice of sherry greatly impacts the Explorer. Made with cream sherry, as per the original recipe, brings out the rich marzipan notes in the amaretto

Ginger 'Martini' image

Ginger 'Martini'

A warming medium-dry Vodka Martini with enlivening ginger spice for a cold evening.

Army Martini image

Army Martini

This rosé-coloured Martini is harder and more spirituous than it looks - perhaps why the name?

Banana Martini image

Banana Martini

A delicately banana flavoured and sweetened very 'wet' vodkatini.

Bellini-Tini image


Peachy! Based on the Bellini, funnily enough.

Black Coffee Martini image

Black Coffee Martini

Coffee, cacao and caramel served Espresso Martini-style.

Cable Car image

Cable Car

Vanilla and spice from the rum interact with the orange liqueur in this and citrus.

Japanese Slipper image

Japanese Slipper

Sweet melon, orange liqueur and lemon. A bit of a sweetie, as its lurid green colour might suggest.

Nice Poire Martini image

Nice Poire Martini

A contemporary balanced and complex Martini with well-integrated fruity and floral flavours.

Paisley Martini image

Paisley Martini

A dry Martini for those with a penchant for Scotch.

Rose Martini image

Rose Martini

Subtly floral and surprisingly dry.

Smartini image


Citrus with a crispy chocolate edge. A sweetie.

Strawberry Gimlet image

Strawberry Gimlet

Sweet and sour strawberry with cranberry and lime.