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Haberdasher image


Chocolaty bourbon with a freshening herbal blast of Fernet Branca, smoothed by sipping through a Chartreuse cream head. Like meeting the devil hidden beneath

Sonic Surfer image

Sonic Surfer

A light and refreshing way to enjoy cognac. Best appreciated as a summertime aperitif.

Tequila Sunrise image

Tequila Sunrise

This 1970s zesty citrus version of the Tequila Sunrise looks the part and comes with a sweet treat at the bottom of the glass.

Alice From Dallas image

Alice From Dallas

Coffee and orange spiked with tequila. The trio layer well and combine to make a tasty shot (perhaps stir together and sip to savour the experience rather

Awol image


A strong but surprisingly palatable shot.

Opal Café image

Opal Café

A great liquorice and coffee drink to sip or shoot.

B-52 Shot image

B-52 Shot

Probably the best-known and most popular shot.

Sex On The Beach image

Sex On The Beach

Sweet fruitiness masks the alcohol in this easy-drinking, long cocktail. Sex is associated with red ( light district) and is represented in this

Zelenskyy Cocktail image

Zelenskyy Cocktail

Made to resemble the colours of the Ukrainian flag which is said to represent a blue sky over a yellow field of wheat, a reflection of Ukraine being considered

Oceanbreeze image


Refreshingly juicy.

Upside-Down Raspberry Cheesecake image

Upside-Down Raspberry Cheesecake

Surprisingly, the biscuity top continues to float as you sip the vanilla cream layer right down to the point when you hit the raspberry base.

Suitably Frank (shot) image

Suitably Frank (shot)

Frankly - it's sweet.

Seabreeze (layered version) image

Seabreeze (layered version)

This layered version of the simple Seabreeze looks great but the layers require stirring together by the drinker to produce a balanced drink.

Pavlova Shot image

Pavlova Shot

Pleasant, sweet shot.

Raging Bull (shot) image

Raging Bull (shot)

Coffee and sambuca make a great combination, as do coffee and tequila.

Top Banana (shot) image

Top Banana (shot)

Banana, chocolate and coffee.

E.T. image


Fortified creamy melon.

Bitterest Pill image

Bitterest Pill

Bitter liqueur toned down by passion fruit flavoured sugar syrup.

Tribbble image


A drink created by bartenders at TGI Friday's UK in 2002. Named Tribbble with three 'B's' due to its three layers: butterscotch, banana and Baileys (the

All Fall Down image

All Fall Down

Too many of these and you will.

Adios image


Surprisingly tasty with a potent agave reminder of what you've just knocked back.

Bumble Bee image

Bumble Bee

A B-52 with a liquorice kick.

Green Fly image

Green Fly

A strong shot comprising three layers of different green liqueurs.

Hammer of the Gods image

Hammer of the Gods

Killjoys would point out the dangers of fire and alcohol and observe that this is hardly 'responsible drinking'.

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