New cocktails August 2015

Words by Simon Difford

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The following cocktails were all added to Difford’s Guide during August 2015. We’ve endeavoured to credit the originator of each drink but if yours is below and you’re unnamed then please email me so I can amend (

If you have a cocktail recipe using Suze then I'd be obliged if you can share your recipe with us as we are presently somewhat lacking in cocktails made using this superb gentian liqueur. In the meantime there are a handful of Suze drinks among these 95 cocktails:

Andean Dusk cocktail 4.5/5
Dry biscuity champagne adds sparkle to sweet red grapes while pisco fortifies and adds complex distilled grape flavours.

Apple Black Royal 4.5/5
Richly flavoured apple and blackberry fruit liqueurs, bolstered and fortified with calvados, charged and given character with rose champagne.
Created by: Yours truly

Arisitiol 4.5/5
The thinking man's mixed drink, this is based on gin with the distinctive flavour of Greek mastiha and lengthened with birch water.
Created by: Yours truly

Bending Blades 4.5/5
This tequila based cocktail is bitter before turning bittersweet, then finishes with a long bitter finish. It won't be for everybody but for those who appreciate the flavour of gentiane liqueur will appreciate this drink for its simplicity and originality.
Created by: Christopher Day, Los Angeles, USA

Better & Better 4/5
Initially strong and punchy, but as the name suggests, as the ice melts dilution makes this drink better and better.
Created by: Richard Boccato, New York City, USA.

Bitches' Brew 4.5/5
Beer has never tasted so complex - sweet aperitif, dry hoppy IPA beer, bready jenever and cleansing vodka.
Created by: Yours truly

Bitter in Brazil 4.5/5
Cachaça based and bittersweet with orange accents and Fernet Branca contributing subtle bitterness.
Courtesy of: The Citizen Wine Bar, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.

Black Jack 4/5
For us Brits this cocktail rekindles memories of the tuck shop and a black tongue from chewing on far too many Black Jacks. Happily booze now takes the place of the sugar rush.

Black Spring 4/5
Ginger spice with a bittersweet fruity rye bread bite.

Border Hop 3.5/5
Scotch whisky and apple juice, lightly sweetened with maple syrup and charged with boiling water.

Brazil 66 4.5/5
Reminiscent of an orange influenced Caipirinha. .

Brown Bomber 4/5
Faintly reminiscent of a Manhattan with underlying gentian bitterness and the rich berry red notes of Byrrh.

Byrrh Cassis 4/5
Rich berry and red wine flavours are lengthened and enlivened with sparkling water.
Created by: Harry Craddock

Byrrh Cocktail 4.5/5
Canadian blended whisky provides the backbone over which layers of complex French aromatised wine are layered.
Created by: Harry Craddock

Caneflower 4.5/5
Rust coloured and bittersweet with cachaça and elderflower.
Created by: Jeffrey Morgenthaler, Portland, Oregon, USA

Chanbanger 4.5/5
Like its creator this drink is hard to classify. A hint of Singapore sling oriental cherry with some Cuban Daiquiri aged rum and a splash of Papa's grapefruit citrus sourness.
Created by: Barney Chan, London, England

Chutes & Ladders 4.5/5
Citrusy tequila-led with Swedish punch and Cocchi Americano rounding and adding their distinctive flavours.
Created by: Frederic Yarm, Cambridge, MA, USA.

Claudine cocktail 4.5/5
Dry and aromatic, the combination of Byrrh and armagnac (we used Tariquet 15 year old) reveals interesting favours of dried apricot and chocolate.
Created by: Matteo Malisan, London, England.

Cold Whisky Punch 4/5
A balanced - not sweet, nor sour or strong - refreshing short whisky cocktail.
Created by: Jerry Thomas

Copenhagen Cocktail 4.5/5
Bready notes in the jenever combine with the cherry brandy and the lime juice to produce a complex bittersweet, jammy cocktail.
Created by: Gromit Eduardsen, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Cosmopolis 4/5
A riff on a Cosmopolitan with the distinctive Greek influence of mastiha.

Denny & Eleni 4.5/5
Named after Denny Kalivoka and Eleni Nikoloulia, our favourite Greek drinks writers, this whisky based cocktail has a healthy glug of mastiha with birch water. It finishes with liquorice and Islay whisky.
Created by: Yours truly

Deshler Cocktail 4/5
A dry Manhattan-like cocktail with a hint of orange.

Dried Meadow Flower 4.5/5
Floral elderflower and tequila with a hint of bittersweet gentian and refreshing lemon.
Created by: Yours truly

Enrico Palazzo 4.5/5
A bittersweet Manhattan-style lightly sparkling cocktail.

Le Fizz 4/5
A poor man's champagne cocktail. Refreshing and, providing consumed whilst still cold, unknowingly boozy.
Created by: Joe McCanta, London, England.

Foghorn Cocktail 4/5
Triple sec sweetens dry gin with zesty orange, Lillet adds dry complex wine notes and a few dashes of absinthe contribute subtle anise and fennel.

Fresh Cocktail 4/5
The distinctive fresh flavour of mastiha pared with cucumber, gin and lemon juice.

Fresh White Lady cocktail 4.5/5
Skinoss and peppermint bitters bring minty freshness to this not so innocent lady in white.
Created by: Yours truly

Great Northern 4/5
Your choice of honey will greatly influence this drink which harnesses the character of aquavit to great effect with white wine and citrusy notes.
Created by: Jessica Gonzalez, New York City, USA.

Greek Celery Cocktail 4.5/5
Celery and mastiha pair well, while gin adds a spirituous bite and botanical complexity. A small grind of pepper to finish adds a nuance of spice.
Created by: Yours truly

Greek Martini 4.5/5
Mastiha (which after all is botanically flavoured spirit) combines wonderfully with gin and dry vermouth. A splash of ouzo adds more Greek interest.
Created by: Yours truly

The Grosvenor 4.5/5
On the bitter side of bittersweet this is a great aperitif cocktail.
Created by: Alex Kammerling, London, England

Keyser Söze cocktail 4/5
Gin and cognac sit surprisingly well together as base ingredients with gentian and citrus freshness. Keyser Söze is a fictional character and the main antagonist in the 1995 film The Usual Suspects, while Suze, spelt with a 'u', is the bittersweet gentian flavoured liqueur and main antagonist in this cocktail.

Islay Old Fashioned 4.5/5
Islay single malt is for many the king of all whiskeys so it should be celebrated in more cocktails - particularly Old Fashioneds.
Courtesy of: Eliot Cole

London Sour 4.5/5
Origin: Created by Trader Vic himself for the restaurant chain's London debut at the Hyde Park Hilton in 1963.
Courtesy of: Brent Evans

Perfectly Paired 4.5/5
This autumnal champagne cocktail has notes of pear tart dessert with orchard fruit, vanilla and cinnamon laced with sugar cane spirit.
Created by: Yours truly

Harvard (Tony Conigliaro's recipe) 4/5
Byrrh combines well with cognac in this variation on the classic Harvard.
Created by: Tony Conigliaro, London, England.

Bruised Pomegranate 4.5/5
This cocktail sits somewhere in the East River between a Manhattan and a Brooklyn with some Thames Estuary thrown-in (I mean that literally - hence the salt and throwing).
Created by: Yours truly

To Be Oranged 4.5/5
'To Be Arranged' comes after midnight, in the meantime shake your tangerine with this pleasing earthy tequila and zesty fruity number.
Created by: Yours truly

Night Vision 4/5
Cachaça, carrot and tonic water make for a very interesting combo in this drink which is "naturally" sweetened with agave syrup. Perhaps more health shop/juice bar than speakeasy but unusually tasty all the same.
Created by: Jorge Balbontin, Barcelona, Spain.

Réveillon Cocktail 4.5/5
Bittersweet and spicy with underlying warming apple spirit. Originally designed to be served 'up' in a Nick & Nora glass we think it's better suited to being served on-the-rocks, preferably a chunk of block ice. The original formula called for more apple brandy and a lot less aromatized wine.
Created by: Chuck Taggart, Los Angeles, USA

Gun Metal Blue 4.5/5
Orange, peach and cinnamon subtly flavour this mezcal based margarita.
Created by: Mike Shain and Nicholas Bennett, New York City, USA

Malecon Cocktail 4.5/5
Best described as fortified wine rich Daiquiri.
Created by: Erik Lorincz, London, England.

The Med 4/5
A long summery drink with basil and the distinctive flavour of Greek mastiha.

Pink Khaleesi 4/5
Pretty in pink but with a hint of spice and the distinctive Greek flavour of mastiha.

Woody Cocktail 4.5/5
Named not after the cheery chap in Cheers or even the Beatles' Norwegian Wood but due to this particularly Woody cocktail containing birch water and mastiha.
Created by: Yours truly

Ionian Spritz 4/5
The Greeks and Italians are separated by the Ionian Sea, in this Spritz both countries come together with Italian Prosecco and Greek Mastiha.
Created by: Yours truly

Four Skin Daiquiri 4.5/5
Daiquiri's are refreshing but this mastiha influenced example is particularly so. As 'four' the name, well it's a Daiquiri with four ingredients, including mastiha and the brand we used was Skinos, so appropriate, we think you'll agree.
Created by: Yours truly

Mastiha Mojito 4/5
Mastiha adds a distinctively Greek fresh flavour to this otherwise fairly classic mojito.

Mastiha & Tonic 4/5
The every distinctive taste of mastiha with freshening tonic water.

Mastiha Sour 4/5
Some use a whole shot of lemon juice and correspondingly a tad more sugar. It's also common to add a dash of Angostura bitters but we prefer the refreshing flavour of mastiha unhindered.

Tommi's Cocktail 4.5/5
A delicately bitter sweet aperitif cocktail which hero's complex smoky mezcal.
Courtesy of: Wahaca Mezcalería, London, England.

Smokin' Paloma 4/5
Mezcal adds subtle smoky complexity to a classic Paloma.
Courtesy of: Building on Bond, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Smokin' Hot Paloma 4/5
Mezcal provides a subtle hint of smokiness while chile liqueur adds hot spice. The other guests to Paloma's party bring fruity honeyed sweetness.
Courtesy of: Building on Bond, Brooklyn, NYC, UK

Minty White Lady cocktail 4.5/5
White crème de menthe and peppermint bitters bring minty freshness to this not so innocent lady in white.
Created by: Yours truly

Minty Pentones 4.5/5
Gin's botanical complexity combined with minty and mastiha freshnes and a pink hint of cranberry fruitiness makes for a cleansing after dinner digestive.
Created by: Yours truly

What's Up, Doc? 4/5
Carrot juice gives this drink an orange hue and combines surprisingly well with gin. Extra flavour and spice comes courtesy of ginger liqueur, lemon juice and cinnamon.
Courtesy of: The Wayland, New York City, USA

Velvet Old Fashioned 4.5/5
The use of a good PX sherry and achieving the correct level of dilution by repeated stirring is key to the success of this drink. With perfect dilution the sherry and whisky combine brilliantly.

Mountain Man 4.5/5
A peachy whiskey sour with a ginger kick.
Created by: Natasha David, New York City, USA.

Sandy the Showgirl 5/5
Tequila based with complex mezcal smokiness, rich maraschino cherry and floral lavender bitters. It's a drink that likes dilution so consider serving on the rocks - Sandy's that kinda girl.
Created by: Yours truly

Rebujito 4.5/5
Dry characterful sherry with sweet zesty lemonade - a combo made for a hot summer's day.

Petanque 4.5/5
The game this drink is named after is French while the main ingredients are Spanish, but they do play Pétanque in the Basque region of Spain. They also play football, sorry soccer in the States where both the creator of this drink and the biters used in it come from.
Created by: Andrew Bohrer, Seattle, USA

High Society Cocktail 4.5/5
Minty fresh Scotch whisky with herbal complexity courtesy of Fernet Branca.
Created by: Maxime Verrier, London, England

Edison's Medicine 4.5/5
Cachaça leads with basil and Chartreuse herbal notes, zesty lime and agave richness.
Created by: Pete Gugni, Chicago, USA

Esmeralda 4.5/5
Cachaça, lime and elderflower with a smoky hit of Islay whisky.
Created by: Ben Sandrof, Boston, USA.

Grande Elixir 4/5
The name refers to the inclusion of Yellow Chartreuse which combines well with cachaça in this drink with honey and lemon juice.
Courtesy of: Franklin Southie (now closed), Boston, USA.

Willi Wonka 4/5
Cachaca and strawberry with subtle hints of lime and chocolate.
Created by: Carlos Londoño, London, England.

Coco Milky Way 4/5
Cachaça laced pineapple, coconut and cream with hints of almond and hazelnut.
Created by: Daniel Sampere, Barcelona, Spain.

Orinoco 4.5/5
Dry sherry, chocolate and coconut add subtle nuances to a base of cachaça and apple juice.
Created by: Sergio Padilla, Barcelona, Spain.

Dirty(ish) Banana 4/5
Coffee liqueur, banana and cream laced with cachaça and blended to a creamy icy consistency.
Created by: Jorge Balbontin, Barcelona, Spain.

Wet 4.5/5
Superbly refreshing. The pinch of cinnamon adds delicate spice which combines well with cachaça and ginger ale.
Created by: Jorge Balbontin, Barcelona, Spain.

Sin Cyn 4.5/5
A single malt whisky laced twist on a Boulevardier with Cynar replacing Campari.
Created by: Paul Dellevigne, Philadelphia, USA.

Rusty Compass cocktail 4.5/5
Peaty Islay single malt whisky lightly sweetened and flavoured with heather honey herbal whisky liqueur and cherry brandy, stirred and served on-the-rocks with an orange zest twist adding zestiness.

East 8 Hold Up 4/5
Vodka based, fruity and bittersweet with pineapple and passion fruit.
Created by: Kevin Armstrong, London, England

New Orleans Minute 4.5/5
Perhaps not a Bourbon Street staple but characterful nonetheless with tequila, mezcal, aromatised wine, maraschino and orange bitters.
Created by: Sune Urth, Copenhagen, Denmark

Kill Bill 3.5/5
There is little danger of killing bill with this slightly sweet, lychee and ginger drink which is laced with less than one shot of vodka.

Pastry War Margarita 4/5
Mezcal, amaro, elderflower liqueur and salt add attitude and complexity to this Margarita-styled cocktail.
Courtesy of: Bastille Cafe & Bar, Seattle, USA.

Port of Spain 4/5
Unusual in its bold use of a half shot of Angostura but in Knee High in Seattle I've tried this cocktail made with a massive one-and-a-half shots. However, half a shot seems more than generous.
Created by: Kyle Mathis, St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Reggatta de Blanc 4.5/5
"White Reggae" was the second, and seminal, album by the English rock band The Police. The album's French name reflects the heavy influence of the country's products in this cocktail. Happily for our naming committee (my missus), most of the ingredients are also decidedly "Blanc".
Created by: Yours truly

Reverse Vesper Martini 4.5/5
More a subtly fortified wine than a true "three and under the guest" Martini but delightfully so with sherry -like wine notes and faint botanical influences. Subtly refined. Despite the 'Vesper' name some will say that this should be stirred. Shake boldly on, but with good ice.

Roman Highball 4.5/5
A refreshing, long and Pimm's Cup-like. A great drink to come home to.
Created by: Danny Gil, New York City, USA.

Le Sang Et Sable 3.5/5
Reminiscent of a French cognac-based Blood & Sand.
Created by: Toby Cecchini, New York City, USA.

Sloane Square Cocktail 4.5/5
An unusual pairing of Highland single malt scotch and tequila with herbal complexity courtesy of Bénédictine liqueur, freshened with orange zestiness.
Created by: Paige McCune, USA

Smoked Salty Sour 4/5
Salty Islay peaty malt and Green Chartreuse influence this Scotch whisky sour.
Created by: Dennis Wolf, Bar Raclette, Puerto Rico.

Smoky Whisky Sour 4.5/5
Islay single malt and maple syrup add a distinctive smoky character to this otherwise classic Scotch Whisky Sour.
Created by: Yours truly

Smoky Tears 4.5/5
Best described as being a mezcal, mastiha and pink grapefruit Margarita. It's a great combo. Mastiha freshness with a hint of smoky mezcal is balanced by slightly acidic pink grapefruit juice.

South of Heaven 4.5/5
Bittersweet and refreshing with the very distinctive flavours of mastiha and Fernet.
Created by: Gorge Megalokonomos, Athens, Greece

Spanish Eyes 4.5/5
Reminiscent of a Mexican Blood & Sand, refreshing and complex.
Created by: Yours truly

Sunny Disposition 4/5
On the bitter side of bittersweet with gentian, jammy apricot and lemon juice over a tequila base.

Suzie 4.5/5
Pisco, pineapple and Sauvignon Blanc wine are a match made in heaven, while Suze provides complex underlying gentian bittersweet notes.
Created by: Yours truly

Thur Sour 4.5/5
Perfectly balanced sweet and sour apricot with faint red wine notes.
Created by: Stuart Bale, London, England

La Vendangeuse 4/5
Depending on the ripeness of your grapes, and the sweetness of your palate, you may want to stretch to 1/2 shot sugar syrup. Strike the right balance and you'll be rewarded with a medley of white grapes, white wine and botanical gin freshness with faint, cleansing zesty citrus.

Violet Negroni 4.5/5
Bittersweet with a strong hint of gentian. A great aperitif.
Created by: Mathieu Sabbagh, Paris, France

Wood Sap & Sand 4.5/5
Fresh and refreshing Greek mastiha replaces cherry liqueur in this riff on the classic Blood & Sand.
Created by: Yours truly

Zuzu's Petals 4.5/5
Bittersweet with fragrant bison grass vodka and fruity maraschino cherry flavours supported by bitter gentian, rich elderflower and lime juice.